Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chuck Norris on Hillary as Obama on steroids

Chuck Norris Completely Demolishes Hillary’s 2016 Run in Just 2 Sentences

Read what Chuck Norris said about Hillary:
I thought I cam up with that term for her

“The truth is: What’s scarier than Hillary entering the presidential race is Hillary winning the presidential race,” Chuck wrote in a column this weekend.
“Not only would her presidency be ‘Obama, the Sequel,’ but she would be an unbridled, more powerful, mega-wealthy, powder-keg Obama personality.”
That’s so TRUE! Don’t you agree?
Exactly. Hillary is in all actuality nothing more than a duplicate of President Obama on political steroids. Just like Obama, she too is an “impulsive, short-fused” individual who suffers from a “shortsighted volatile personality,” Conservative Tribune Reported.
“Do people really want more power-hungry duck-n-dodge in the White House, again?” Chuck asked in his column.
The key difference, wrote Chuck, is that unlike former community organizer Barack Obama, Hillary — a political veteran with four decades of experience — carries with her both “ultimate Washington political power” and the support of numerous billionaires, including Walmart heiress Alice Walton, philanthropist Jon Stryker and progressive business magnate George Soros.
What we really need to do, argued Chuck, is stop “multiplying more of the same White House” and instead “flush the presidential political system and get some fresh water in Washington.” (H/T WND)

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