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Obama's perfidy as he betrays the West and emboldens the worst terrorist regime in the world


 Wow, what a great friend.  from World Jewish Digest
Not two weeks after he told Tom Friedman that his presidency will be a "failure" if his policies make Israel less safe, President Obama made two jaw-dropping statements over the weekend that makes one wonder whether he is a different definition of "safe" than everyone else.
First, Obama told reporters that he was "surprised" Russian had held off so long on supplying Iran S-300 surface to air missiles, weapons that analysts say will make it much harder to strike Iran's nuclear facilities should the United States or Israel decide to do so. His statement comes after vociferous objection by Jerusalem over the sale and a threat by the Netanyahu government to sell arms to Ukrainian nationalists in retaliation.
Second, Israel's best friend hinted strongly that all sanctions on Iran will be lifted if and when a nuclear deal is signed with that country in June. It seems the United States had fudged the matter weeks back when a framework agreement had been announced, suggesting that the sanctions would be "phased out" as Iran met its obligations under the deal. The Iranians had immediately said that all sanctions must be lifted immediately for any deal to be signed and that the United States was lying when it said their would be any "phasing" of sanctions.
So let's get this straight. Israel's best friend, Mr. I Got Your Back, is now enthusiastically supporting Russia's missile sale to Iran (one even the Europeans are opposed to) and will lift all sanctions immediately as part of a nuclear deal with Iran. This will give the world's leading sponsor of terror cash, along with a fully operational nuclear infrastructure to wreak whatever havoc they wish on the world for generations to come.
President Obama must have a different definition of "friend" than everyone else, because these actions don't seem very friendly at all.

see much more evidence of Obama's pro jihadism at 

?. why is it so hard for everyone to admit Obama is pro jihad      

Why Obama’s Iran “deal” must be defeated
1.       Iran has consistently lied about its nuclear program [1]
2.       This deal does nothing to stop Iran’s terrorist activities [2]
3.       Iran is the worst nation on earth[3]
4.       Can’t trust Kerry with Iran [4]
5.       Obama was obsessed with making this deal, no matter what the cost[5]  Chamberlain was naive with Hitler. Obama is doing this purposefully.
6.       The deal is terrible [6]
7.       It was Obama’s plan to facilitate Iran being “successful regional power” from the outset and weaken    Israel[7]
8.       Our traditional Middle East allies are furious and have given up on USA[8]
9.       Evidence seems abundant Obama is playing for the other team[9]
10.   Obama has lied consistently about a. nonexistent fatwa by Mullahs against nuclear weapons b. whether they meant what they said about destroying Israel based on faith and 8 other Obama lies about it [10]
11.   Iran has consistently violated past agreements, ignored UN mandates[11]
12.   How do we negotiate with a rogue nation, who, while we negotiate chant ‘death to America’ and blow up mock US aircraft carrier?
13. Obama consistently fought tough sanctions from the get-go
15. Enforcement will be a impossible (12)\
16. Iran is already bragging about our concessions
19. Wall Street Journal today "The truth, contrary to the President, is that the critics of his Iran framework do not want war. But they also don’t want a phony peace to lead to a nuclear Middle East that leads to a far more horrific war a decade from now. "
20. Obama's many straight out lies about Iran deal.
Observation:On Wednesday, Iran rejected most of the concessions it reportedly agreed to undertake. Top Iranian leaders are describing the framework as a ‘lie’ and announced that international nuclear inspectors will not be permitted to enter any of its contested military sites.
a. Iran can be successful regional power in compliance with our norms of behavior
b. 99.9% Muslims want want we want
c Iran can be counted on to abide by agreements
d. Inspectors can verify compliance
e. This deal will guarantee Iran won't get bomb
f. My sanctions hampered their efforts
g. They have fawta vs use nuclear bomb
h. Their faith precludes use of nuclear bomb
i. I will protect Israel
1j. We and Iran agree on the terms of the deal

21. Obama lies by omission. Neglects to state

a. His top aids :Kerry, Valarie Jarett, Susan Rice have deep ties to Iran
b. Iran's ongoing spread of terrorism on 5 continents
c. Iran's ongoing talk of destroying Israel and USA
d. Iran's ICBM and submarine programs
e. His extensive, long enduring Islamic support and fraternizing with terrorists
f, Sending secret envoy before 2008 election promising mullahs they'd like his presidency
g. Scoffed at Israel's demand that Israel's right to exist be prerequisite

Why is he lying about this? He wants help Iran. because he is pro Islmic Jihad

Obama's Iran deal faustian deal
Washington (AFP) - Arms experts Wednesday voiced concern about an emerging nuclear accord with Iran, with one labelling it a "Faustian deal" amid calls for America to push for a tough inspections regime.
Addressing US lawmakers, Stephen Rademaker, a former advisor on arms control to president George W. Bush, said the deal under negotiation would be "a radical departure in US non-proliferation policy."
"At a fundamental level what the deal ... signifies is acceptance by the international community of Iran as a nuclear weapons threshold state," he told the House foreign affairs committee, only days after lawmakers reached a deal with the Obama administration to have a say on the final accord.
Iran and global powers on Wednesday resumed difficult talks in Vienna to finalize the deal by June 30 aimed at putting a nuclear weapon out of Tehran's reach by dramatically scaling back, but not dismantling, its atomic program.
If a ground-breaking deal is reached, the US administration says it will make the region and the world safer, ensuring that the Islamic Republic would need a year to acquire enough fissile material to make a nuclear bomb.
That would significantly increase from the estimated three-to-four months "breakout time" at present.
President Barack Obama also said no other country has presented an alternative, other than to allow Iran's nuclear ambitions to continue unchecked.
But using an American football metaphor, Rademaker warned that by the end of the 10-15 year length of the accord, "the football is going to be on the one-inch line. They're that close to having a nuclear weapon."
"Countries that are on the one-inch line... for all practical purposes in their international relations they have to be treated as if they do have a nuclear weapon."
David Albright, who was a former inspector for Iraq's nuclear program, told the committee it remained an "open question" whether Iran would have an nuclear weapon at the end of the deal.
- Devil in the details -
"Many of the key verification provisions remain unresolved," he said, referring to the parameters of the deal reached after months of talks and a marathon eight-day session in Lausanne on April 2. "The details matter," he insisted.
"The Iranians have taken the position of being extremely defiant, and the Americans have taken the position of problem solving. I think that's put us at a disadvantage and it doesn't bode well for finding solutions."
According to a US fact sheet, Iran has agreed to cut the number of its centrifuges, used for enriching uranium, by two thirds from 19,000 to about 6,000, and will put excess nuclear equipment into storage monitored by the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA.
It has also agreed to not build any new facilities for enriching uranium for 15 years, cut back its stockpile of enriched uranium and mothball some of its plants. The aim is to ensure that it will take Iran a year to accumulate enough fissile material to build a bomb.
But Rademaker said the emerging deal was a "classic Faustian bargain."
"We are being offered gratification in the short term — a one-year breakout period that may enable us to rest a little easier for the next 10 years. But after that, the short term benefit goes away, and Iran gets everything it has ever wanted."
Albright said the "inspection conditions are critical."
"We've got to have prompt access," Albright said, adding the US administration needed to push Iranian leaders to agree to inspections "anywhere."

+Kerry has a long history of embracing the worst of humanity (Viet Cong, Sandanitas

In the climate of this
"John Bolton: Americans Must Do Anything to Kill Iran Deal"
"Charles krauthammer-iranian-ayatollahs-chants-death-to-america-but-obama-attacks-israel-"
Terrorism expert summarizes this: “Steve Emerson Terrorism expert
“we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups
"Former CIA Obama has switched sides"
Mark levin-obama-anti-semitism-reeks-from your-administration"



20.Opposed to deal:

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