Friday, April 17, 2015

Republicans: Governor experience not a prerequisite. It is about VISION and character, not managemnt skills

Here is what RICK PERRY said:
"I think the next nominee is going to be a governor," Perry said. "I think Americans are going to be looking for that experienced, executive leadership. And look at the records - my 14 years as governor, I think is incomparable with anyone that's standing on the stage with me."
"These are very bright capable individuals," he added, in reference to Cruz, Paul and Rubio. "But my point is: Do you want to take a chance on someone that doesn't have a track record of being an executive? When you walk off the Senate floor, you walk off the Senate floor. You don't walk away from things when you're governor. You have to deal with things"

Some of the Republican Governors lining up for a run at the presidency claim Obama's nightmare demonstrates Senators as president is a bad idea, and especially an inexperienced one.
Nonsense. The job of the president is not management as much as it is VISION. They can hire managers.The Hebrew word is hashkafa. What is their world view? Character?
Do they understand the real danger of Islamic terrorism?
Do they understand the need to reform our entitlements and cut spending?
Do they understand the danger of Obama doubling our debt?
Will they stand by and support our allies?
Do they understand there is real EVIl in the world and we need a strong military?
Do they understand the growing dependency on government is bad for the individuals and families?
can they tell the difference between phony and small issues (war on women, contraception, white privilege, college rape, climate change, etc all vastly exaggerated by a huge factor) vs the huge issues that are the role of the Federal government: protecting us, getting out of the way of the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans, etc

It coukld well be a governor will prevail. But to exclude such great men off the bat,who are senators ,is foolish.
For example, i think Chris Christie would be terrible. New Jersey is doing awfully, and he has deep ties to Muslim terrorism.
The Democrats nominee has much experience but she is a serial liar, radical leftist, anti Israel, hypocrite, architect of our nightmare foreign policy.

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