Thursday, April 23, 2015

If someone says they will vote for Hillary because she is female, ask them if they know these 30 things about her?

If someone says they will vote for Hillary because she is female, ask them if they know this about her?
1. She took and takes millions in “donations/bribes”from Arab countries and Russian billionaires to influence US policy even as Secr. of State.
2. No accomplishments as Senator
3. Disastrous time as  Secretary of State
4 Benghazi,  ascribed the planned assault to a video even though she knew within minutes it was planned terrorist operation
5. She aids and abets Islamic terror
6. Sides with Obama’s appeasement on Iran
7. Long history of being very anti Israel, except when she needs Jewish money
8. Her top aid is from Muslim brotherhood family and knee deep in Islamic terrorism
9. Hillary has always palled around with terrorist leaders
10. Excused Hamas for war crimes of shooting rockets from schools and hospitals saying there wasn't enough room in Gaza
11.Remember her reset button with Russia????
12. what about the  Constant scandals  – including the opening up of 900 confidential FBI files of political opponents – cast Hillary in a suspicious light. Nothing was proven, but you know how that goes. “‘Whitewater-gate,’ ‘Cattle-gate,’ ‘Jenifer Flowers-gate,’ ‘Nanny-gate,’ ‘Lincoln bedroom-gate,’ ‘Travel-gate,’ ‘Trooper-gate,’ ‘File-gate,’ ‘Paula Jones-gate,’ ‘Vince Foster-gate’, ‘Helicopter-gate,’ ‘White House Coffee-gate,’ ‘Web Hubbell Hush Money-gate,’ ‘Pardon-gate,’ ‘Illegal Gift-Gate,’ ‘Monica-gate,’ ‘Benghazi-gate,’ ‘Email-gate,’ ‘Wiped Server-gate,’
l3. 80 people is her circle have DIED under mysterious circumstances
14.VERACITY? Most Americans think she is a liar by poll
15. We know she  Lied about sniper fire. just like Brian Williams
16. we know she Lied about being poor when she was very wealthy.
17  She committed Email felonies and jeopardized US security.  Violated rules by having own server, lied about it, then deleted all emails after congress asked for them
18 do you know  that she was was Fired During The Watergate Investigation.As her supervisor at the time put it, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
19. Laughed about getting child rapist acquitted and passing poly
20. Hypocrite She attacks CEO pay, while she earns 200,000 per speech, her foundation has collected $2 billion, her son-in-law is hedge fund guy.
21 Hypocrite Attacks big money in politics  at the SAME TIME she says plans to raise $2.5 billion, more than Obama/Romney raised combined!!!
22, Phony
23. Disrespectful
UNREAL: Former White House Employee Reveals the Sick Name the Clintons Called Secret Service Agents
24.Temperamentally unsuited. ANGER out of control.
25. Constantly saying  many stupid and wrong things
26. Her war against women. Organizing effort to discredit the many women complaining about Bill's predatory behavior to advance his career.  as well as paying women on her staff far below wages to men.
27 Will be terrible for economic growth  Radical Domestic anti-growth political views
28. Doesn't think it is businesses that create jobs. Said so
29. LIED
30. $6 billion missing from State dept. Hillary, check your pockets.

For details and evidence of all these see

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