Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The tragedy and terror of Obama’s rule

The tragedy and terror of Obama’s rule
Islamic terrorism is growing wildly all over the world, both Sunni and Shiite, including infiltrating our intelligence agencies and highly placed in the government. Obama is pretend fighting ISIS, (we only translated 10% of documents found in Bin laden raid, 75% of time pilots drop NO bombs on isis runs) desperate to agree to a catastrophic, genocidal with the worst nation on earth, Iran, and reserves his animus for Israel, demanding they withdraw to Auschwitz borders, spent millions to try and defeat Netanyahu, constantly threatening Israel. He runs around now trying his diplomatic jihad on Jewish groups, as if they are stupid enough not to see through his pro-Islamic jihadism. Sadly, half they Jews have drunk his toxic Koolaid. Obama presided while Russia expands, China expanding, our military gutted, our debt doubled, Yemen falling apart, Iran expanding everywhere. He backed the terrorists in Egypt who Egypt then threw out, pulled out too early after Iraq which was won, leading to disintegration of Iraq and Syria,  befriends the world’s worst  leaders in Turkey, Venezuala, Cuba, Russia and now Iran,
The man who had dinner in his 30s with the Palestinian terrorists Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, continues to appoint vicious anti-Semites to key positions, while he refuses to see the obvious link between Islam and terror. Besides Israel, his animus seems to be reserved for Christians and Republicans, while he seems to adore Islamic terrorists. On the domestic side, he is doing his best to bring America to its knees with record poverty, doubling all previous accumulated debt, adding more restrictions and regulations than all previous administrations, middle class wealth losses, increased racial tension, record low labor participation rate, anemic economic growth, all from his twisted leftist view that America was too strong and rich, and his radical perspective learned from his many radical teachers, like Saul Alinsky.

Obama is national security threat.
why? because he supports Islamic jihadist

Obama worst, most dangerous president in US History: scandals, lies, impeachable offenses, stupidity

and Hillary will be just as bad, if we are stupid enough to elect her

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