Friday, April 17, 2015

The very scary message of Holocaust Day

The very scary message of Yom Hashoah uGvoorah (Holocaust Day) is that virtually the entire European and USA world were complicit, actively or passively in the murder of over 6 million Jews. Business was business, Jewish blood meaningless. It wasn't just Germany. The Germans RELIED on huge number of willing volunteers to aid the mass murder. The West knew and cared little. Never forget Evian 1938 when Hitler offered the West ALL the Jews and no one wanted any.…/at-evian-in-1938-go…
We are seeing it all unfold AGAIN. PM Netanyahu is totally right on…/west-is-comatose-de… This time the West is more than passively aiding and abetting. Our JIHADIST President has been bent on enabling Islamic jihad all his life, and now has his chance to do that, and destroy Israel.
Thank God we have a very strong Israel/IDF, many Christian friends in the USA, some Jews who get it, and American patriots who understand the danger Obama, Islamic terror and especially Iran present to the world. And Hillary would be no better.

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