Thursday, April 16, 2015

Connecting the dots: Holocaust day and Obama/Iran working toward genocide

Just came back from Yom Hashoa Ugvoorah ceremony of a 6 synagogue combined event. Not a big attendance. guess most Jews can't be bothered. Heard a lot of moving testimonies about the Nazis from 70 years ago. Waited and waited for someone to connect the dots to today. finally one brave Rabbi did. "We all must do all we can to stop Iran". No mention of course of Obama's complicity in Iran getting a nuclear bomb, or China, or Russia, or North Korea all sending them parts or building their program, or the P5+1 ready to agree to the catastrophic genocidal plan the  mullahs and Obama have cooked up. Too Political, I guess.
      One op ed piece from a Lieber" wrote: "This is truly a time for American Jewish leaders to stand and be counted; the issues at stake will profoundly impact Israel’s security and could even have existential repercussions as well as a dismal outcome for the entire world. The indicators all suggest that American Jewish leaders have woken up and will not let Israel down."  Hope he's right but i have my doubts.
     The Iranians are rearming Hamas and Hezbollah, conquering Arab nation after Arab nation (now 5) , have ICBMs and submarines that can hit us, sponsor terror on 5 continents, have stated over and over they want to destroy Israel, there is no fatwa vs them using nuclear weapons despite Obama's lie, their Islamic theology would encourage it, despite Obama's lie.
Obama's top aids are knee deep with Iran, Obama told Iran before he wa s elected they'd like his presidency. Half the Jews are so dumb, complicit  or suicidal they still support this monster. NEVER AGAIN does not seem to resonate much. Wait by while Iran reigns terror and spins centrifuges, and Obama helps them. The only answer to stopping Hitler was militarily. That is the ONLY way to stop Iran. Obama will never do it. he is helping them achieve their goals. Why? He is a pro Islamaic jihadist. It is clear.

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