Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What more evidence do you need to understand Obama is an anti-Semite?

1. Jihadist Obama uses Democrats, especially Jews in Congress and JStreet to shill for catastrophic Iran plan. It is all part of his "dimplomatic jihad"

2, He is pro Islamic jihad
? because he supports Islamic jihadist

3. Have you had dinner with pro Palestinian terrorist Rashid Khalisi and Edward Said? Obama did 20 years ago.  

4. Top aid is a Muslim, iranian, born, wants to " punish Israel"

5. Obama constantly attacks Christianity, Israel, Republicans but never acknowledges the danger of islamic terror

 6. Seems to love Iran. Promised Mullas before elected in 2008 they's love his presidency by sending secret envoy.

7. Obama's brother wearing Hamas scarf

8. Demands Israel agree to "Auschwitz borders" as Abba Eban called them

9. Has let Islamic terrorism flourish

10.  Obama keeps appointing anti-Semites

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