Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The major developments today about Iran

The major developments today about Iran
1. Russians sell anti aircraft missile system to Iran
Those missiles will make it VERY difficult for Israel or anyone to bomb Iran's program, if it was even doable before.
2. Arab leaders feel abandoned by Obama https://thisisthenewnormal.wordpress.com/tag/arabs-and-israelis-both-feel-abandoned-by-us-policy/
and some even are asking Israel to bomb
Iran. http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Report-Saudis-might-help-Israel-attack-Iran-attack-in-exchange-for-progress-in-peace-process-392094
3. Garnishing a veto proof # in the Senate, the senate forced Obama to live with Senate oversight of Iran deal. http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2015/04/what-is-going-on-with-congress-and-iran.html

4. The Proposed Obama deal is a catastrophe
Iran is the leading terrorist nation on earth. They lie to inspectors, refuse entry to inspectors, regularly violate UN decrees, exporting terror on 5 continents, will soon control oil access to 40% of world's oil, openly  call for Israel's destruction and death to America WHILE we were "negotiating". The deal does not require them to stop centrifuges, which are UNNEEDED for peaceful nuclear power. Once sanctions are lifted, they will never be put back.

5. OBAMA LIES : 1. said fatwa from them vs nuclear bomb a LIE 2. Said their religion precludes use of nuclear weapons LIE 3. Said his sanctions were effective LIE, he fought tough sanctions
4. he said  Iran can be successful regional power in compliance with our norms of behavior, Ridiculous! 5. 99.9% Muslims want want we want. LIE 6. Iran can be counted on to abide by agreements NEVER HAVE. 7.  Inspectors can verify compliance LIE 8. He says This deal will guarantee Iran won't get bomb. Opposite is true. 9. I will protect Israel. JOKE. 10. We and Iran agree on the terms of the deal. LIE

Obama lies by omission. Neglects to state
1. His top aids :Kerry, Valarie Jarett, Susan Rice have deep ties to Iran
2. Iran's ongoing spread of terrorism on 5 continents
3. Iran's ongoing talk of destroying Israel and USA
4. Iran's ICBM and submarine programs
5. His extensive, long enduring Islamic support and fraternizing with terrorists
6, Sending secret envoy before 2008 election promising mullahs they'd like his presidency
7. Scoffed at Israel's demand that Israel's right to exist be prerequisite
Details below  http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2015/04/obamas-many-many-lies-about-iran-deal.html
Why is he lying about this? He wants help Iran. because he is pro Islmic Jihad

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  1. The jokes on us. Obama can sign any agreement. It appears that Congress has a say. They don't. The Dems. were over a barrel having to answer to Jewish voters. They were forced vote to require Congress oversight. So they did. What oversight can they exert? Are they to see proof of Iran's compliance? Iran will not even permit the U.N. to inspect. Everybody knows including Ben Cardin the minority leader in the Committee that the law has no teeth.
    Israel has been stopped by Congress' action yesterday. If Israel decides to protect itself and take out the nuclear sites before Iran can put in the anti-missile protection gained from Russia, the world will scream that Israel is evil. Again.