Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jihadist Obama trying to charm jewish groups into signing off on suicide

Obamas dining with radical pro palestinian terrorist leaders Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said in Obama's 30s!

World Jewish Digest
President Barack Obama engaged in a major charm offensive on Monday, meeting with over a dozen Jewish-American organizations in a bid to head off opposition to an upcoming deal with Iran.
According to The Hill, the groups included,
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), J Street, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Federations of North America.
Also present were "Representatives from all three major Jewish movements, the Orthodox Union, the conservative Rabbinical Assembly, and the Union of Reform Judaism."
Major Jewish donors, such as Haim Saban, were courted as well, along with "a dozen other Democratic fundraisers, former ambassadors, and former leaders of Jewish groups."
Obama's desperate bid for support comes as Congress prepares to vote on a bill that would demand Congressional oversight on any Iran deal, as well as the authority to impose new sanctions on the Islamic republic.
The president deeply opposes the bill, and reportedly made "an 'emphatic and passionate' case that the deal is the best way to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."
Jewish organizations have stepped up their criticism of the president in recent days, with Jewish members of Congress reportedly telling Obama that his vicious criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must stop, as it gives the impression that Obama is "stabbing Israel in the back."
At least one of the groups courted by Obama has already made its position clear, however. Algemeiner reports that AIPAC, the largest and most powerful pro-Israel organization in America, has endorsed Congressional oversight in a statement reading,
If the agreement [with Iran] achieves US objectives, it will withstand congressional scrutiny, and the president should welcome congressional review. An agreement with such profound national security implications as this one must be subjected to the constitutional system of checks and balances that is the bedrock of our democracy."

About half the jews still drink the poisonous Obama cool-aid
From an all-time high in 2009 of 77% among Jews and 63% among the entire American electorate, his approval rating is down to 54% among Jews and 46% among the general public, according to a new Gallup poll. 

WHY WOULD OBAMA DO THIS CATASTROPHIC DEAL WITH WORLD'S WORST TERRORIST NATION? We reward their 30 years of explosive terrorism support everywhere, we allow them to keep their nuclear weapons infrastructure, lift sanctions, can never verify their promises, know they have lied and hid from inspectors throughout, as they shout “death to America” and “destruction of israel is not-negotiable”.
·         The only logical possibility, based on plethora of evidence, Obama is a radical pro-Islamicanti Israel  jihadist.
·          He is aiding and abetting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He has said he wants them to be the regional success. 
·         Deal leaves Iran much stronger than before 
·     Endangers Israel
 but don’t forget the amazing number of anti-Semites he’s appointed

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