Sunday, April 19, 2015

Godfather 2. Sonny to Michael ":you went to college to get stupid?" Say Hillary fit because of her sex. NOT

Godfather 2. Sonny to Michael ":you went to college to get stupid?"


Ask them any of these things Hillary said or did:

1. What did you mean that corporations and businesses don't create jobs?
2. What did you mean when you said you were dead broke? Isn't your daughter buying a $10 million apt? Don't you get $300,000 a speech? Didn;t your foundation get $2 billion, much form Arab countries?
3. Do you still believe Ben ghazzi was caused by a video?
4. How soon after Ben ghazzi attack started were you told it was an organized terror attack?
5. should we be concrned that the many millions your foundation tookm from Muslim nations during your stint as secretary of state is unrelated to the unbelievable flourishing of Islamic terror during that period?
6. How do you explain your many decades old anti Israel views listed here
7. please explain your top aid, Huma's deep ties to radical, terrorist Islamic groups as explained here
8. please explain how all these catastrophes that happened when you were secr. of state have nothing to do with you? 
Killed american ambassador......transferred Libya to muslim jihadists....watched as 200,000 Syrian women and children were slaughtered....concocted Benghazi video lie...opened Iraq to muslim jihadists....opened Egypt to Muslim jihadists.... Transferred Yemen to Muslim jihadists....transferred Qatar to Muslim jihadists...leaked Israel military nuclear secrets to Iran...allowed Russia to invade Crimea....allowed China to exert territorial claims over Japan....allowed North Korea to bomb South Korea...allowed North Korea to sink South Korea ship...allowed North Korea to conduct multiple nuclear tests...
9. You have stated you support Obama's Iran deal. Please explain:
10. please explain your apparent friendliness with these monsters?

Mrs. Arafat

11. Please explain this comment excusing Hamas for war crimes

12. Please explain how we can trust someone who is always mired in scandals, such as these  – including the opening up of 900 confidential FBI files of political opponents – cast Hillary in a suspicious light. Nothing was proven, but you know how that goes. “‘Whitewater-gate,’ ‘Cattle-gate,’ ‘Jenifer Flowers-gate,’ ‘Nanny-gate,’ ‘Lincoln bedroom-gate,’ ‘Travel-gate,’ ‘Trooper-gate,’ ‘File-gate,’ ‘Paula Jones-gate,’ ‘Vince Foster-gate’, ‘Helicopter-gate,’ ‘White House Coffee-gate,’ ‘Web Hubbell Hush Money-gate,’ ‘Pardon-gate,’ ‘Illegal Gift-Gate,’ ‘Monica-gate,’ ‘Benghazi-gate,’ ‘Email-gate,’ ‘Wiped Server-gate,’

80 people is her circle have DIED under mysterious circumstances

13.  please explain why most st Americans think you are  a liar by poll?
14. please explain why you  Lied about sniper fire. just like Brian Williams
15. please explain whyLIED about your family history
16. Please explain how you did not  committ Email felonies and jeopardized US security.

17. please explain why why you were was Fired During The Watergate Investigation her supervisor at the time put it, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

18. Please explain the audio of you laughing about getting child rapist acquitted and passing poly

19.  please explain how this is not Hypocrisy!
She attacks CEO pay, while she earns 200,000 per speech, her foundation has collected $2 billion, her son-in-law is hedge fund guy.
b.    at the SAME TIME she says plans to raise $2.5 billion, more than obama/Romney raised combined!!!
c. Please explain away this picture

20 please explain your  Disrespect of your secret service staff

UNREAL: Former White House Employee Reveals the Sick Name the Clintons Called Secret Service Agents

21. please explain these. FLIP FLOPS In her first week on the presidential campaign trail, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be trying to modify her positions on two prominent issues. On Wednesday and Thursday, Clinton's campaign seemed to disavow her more moderate positions on same-sex marriage and immigration policies.
22please explain why reports of your  ANGER out of control. .
23. please explain why The many stupid and wrong things you said:
24. please explain why your mistreatment of women? Oganizing effort to discredit the many women complaining about Bill's predatory behavior to advance his career., as well as paying women on her staff far below wages to men.
25. please explain why your  Radical Domestic anti-growth political views
26. please explain why we should not be concerned about you. being mentored by Saul Alinsky, Rules for radicals, as Obama
27. Explain how the State Dept. LOST $6 billion under your management?

for more sources on all the above see

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