Monday, April 27, 2015

Palestinians totally uninterested in West Bank/Judea Samaria

Palestinians totally uninterested in West Bank/Judea Samaria
Someone who spends his life in israel working on this reminded us yesterday:. He said the Palestinians are totally UNINTERESTED in the West Bank
because they believe since their grandparents left homes in 48 inside the GREEN LINE, they want to return to the exact homes they left. No other people in history of the world have been refugees 67 yars. The Palestinians (phony made up people) could have had 98% of judea Samaria under several Israeli prime Ministers but turned it down (Rabin, Olmert, Barak). They will take it if offered, but it will never suffice. This is an irresolvable conflict, between our people, with a 4000 year old claim to that claim based on the bible and international law, and the claim by this phony people, created in the 20th century to undermine israel,  They "got" Gaza and what do they do? Send 10,000 rockets inside israel.
Palestinians do not want peace despite continuous Israeli efforts. They want Israel destroyed and Jews dead
Israel right to the land

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