Thursday, June 25, 2015

former Obama administration officials condemn the current parameters of the Iran nuclear deal

World Jewish Digest

A prestigious group of former Obama administration officials issued a public letter Wednesday condemning the current parameters of the Iran nuclear deal and insisting the administration do more to ensure a deal that prevents Iran from building nuclear weapons.
The group, including former presidential aide Dennis Ross, former Sen. Joseph Lieberman, former Cong. Howard Berman and a number of top foreign policy officials, said the agreement as it stands fails in five areas.
1. Monitoring and Verification: the deal must include inspections at military sites.
2. Possible Military Dimensions: World powers must know of Iran's past nuclear weapons work before any sanctions are lifted.
3. Advanced Centrifuges: The U.S. must place caps on the development and number of centrifuges.
4. Sanctions relief: Money should flow only after Iran has met its obligations.
5. Consequences of Violations: The U.S. should make clear its intention to use force if Iran violates the agreement.
Summing up, the authors said:
We urge the U.S. administration not to treat June 30 as an “inviolable” deadline. Stay at the negotiating table until a “good” agreement that includes these features is reached. Extend the existing Joint Plan of Action while negotiations continue. This will freeze Iran’s nuclear activity and international sanctions at current levels. While the United States should extend the Iran Sanctions Act so it does not expire, it should not increase sanctions while negotiations continue. U.S. alternatives to an agreement are unappealing, but Iran’s are worse. It has every incentive to reach an agreement and obtain relief from sanctions and international isolation well in advance of its elections next February. If anyone is to walk out of the negotiations, let it be Iran.

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