Thursday, June 11, 2015

OBAMA policies lead directly to riots and Cops killed and WANTS racial turmoil

OBAMA policies lead directly to riots and Cops killed
Obama and Democratic Party policies wildly exacerbate racial tension, wanting riots, created Furgeson, Baltimore, etc, ON PURPOSE!
Obama met with furgeson protestors at White House to urge them ON!

The Wages of Racial Discord

The president will leave office with race relations at their lowest ebb in decades. His politics of division bear much of the responsibility.

One great irony of the current presidency is that Barack Obama won the support of so many seasoned political journalists—not to mention otherwise-skeptical voters—who thought that a black president would improve racial unity

Obama wants racial wars
Violent crime epidemic, thanks Obama, Sharpton, Soros, Democrats

Obama best friend race hustler Al Sharpton as of Febr: Sharpton Back at WH for 62nd Meeting with Obama: Rate Obama on His Job Performance.
Black Sheriff blames Obama
Soros paid for the rioters to riot!
Democrat party bring evil and harm/Murder rate massively up in Baltimore now.
Obama has led to war on police

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