Sunday, June 7, 2015

Help fight BDS

Today one of the Israeli leaders asked for the diaspora help in fighting BDS. Many have taken up the challenge.
Here are the main points I make. Others have different strategies but i think truth is best.
1. Vast majority of Palestinians, including Abbas, want to kill jews, destroy israel and not live in peace. they are no different than Isis.
2. A Palestinian state would be another hotbed of violent anti western terrorism. Until that changes, there can never be peace.
3. pro BDS people on campuses are terrorists spawns. 
4. The land belongs to the Jews. there are 65 Muslim countries already, can't the Jews have 1, 1 where Abraham, isaac and Jacob walked, that god gave to us?
1. No to a terrorist, genocidal Arab Palestine and no to jihadist Obama's demand…/no-to-terrorist-ara…
2. Palestinian leaders: war criminals, evil barbarians, terrorists…/palestinian-leaders…
3. The BDS nazis on campuses are terrorists-in-training…/war-on-campuses-b……/students-for-just…
4. The land belongs to the Jews…/israels-right-to-la…

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