Thursday, June 4, 2015

Obama's lies about economy

Obama's lies about economy

1. Obama says: stock market way up
Truth: 1. partially because he artificially printed so much extra money to artificially prop it which will catastrophic and 2. yes his policies made rich richer
2. Obama says: he lowered unemployment
Truth: does not count the 93 million who have left the workplace out of disgust
3. Obama says Obamacare will lower premiums
truth: they keep going up and up
4. Obama says he has CUT the deficits and debt
truth: He will DOUBLE all previous US debt accumulated by 43 prior Presidents
5. Obama says he has generated 12 million new jobs
truth: has lost more than that, and many of those jobs are part time and low wage

What Obama ignores about economy:
last quarter was NEGATIVE growth, third time during his tenure
worst "recovery" from recession in 75 years
We have 20 million more poor, RECORD poverty
20 million more on food stamps
middle class has lost wealth during his tenure
Democrats, not Bush caused the 2008 disaster by forcing banks to give bad mortgages on pople who could not qualify
record number new regulations stymie growth

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