Friday, June 12, 2015

The reality about Palestinians and the "peace lobby"

The reality about Palestinians and the "peace lobby"
1. Muslims have been EVIL since their origin. Iand at least 50% Muslims today support violent jihad, honor killings, shariah law
2. Islamaphobia is not a reality because phobias are irrational and there is nothing irrational about fear of islam
3. No to a terrorist, genocidal Arab Palestine and no to jihadist Obama's demand
4. Palestinian leaders: war criminals, evil barbarians, terrorists  They want all of israel and the Jews dead or gone
5. The land belongs to the Jews
6. The pro Palestinian forces are using it as an excuse for anti semitsm. The pro BDS forces on campuses are directed by Islamic terrorists. The BDS nazis on campuses are terrorists-in-training
7. Pretending you can reason with these barbarians is the same as though they thought they could reason with nazis.

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