Thursday, June 4, 2015

Violent crime epidemic, thanks Obama, Sharpton, Soros, Democrats

OBAMA wants riots and Cops killed

We are experiencing a huge surge in violent crime in our cities. Most of the victims are Blacks, violence committed by blacks. this is a DIRECT result of Obama's actions always blaming the police first and society, and taking the sides of the violent thugs who commit crimes, challenge authority violently when questioned and are sometimes mortally wounded as a result.

Obama wants riots. he wants our cities to burn. I k now it is very hard to believe but he wants chaos. It is all in keeping with his mentoring by Saul Alinsky. Some even believe it will escalate dramatically as we get closer to the Nov. 2016 elections so he can declare martial law and cancel the elections. I don't know if I'd go that far, but with this tyrant, anything is possible.

BTW, Hillary was also mentored by Saul Alinsky.

Obama and Democratic Party policies wildly exacerbate racial tension, wanting riots, created Furgeson, Baltimore, etc, ON PURPOSE! as George Soros funded outside professional rioters and pro Islamic terror groups join in for chaos,  control looting, thuggery, destruction, murder, racial tensions exacerbated to weaken and divide America further

1. Obama met with furgeson protestors at white house to urge them ON!

2. Obama wants this

3. Black Sheriff blames Obama
4. Soros paid for the rioters to riot!

5. Democrat party bring evil and harm/Murder rate massively up in Baltimore now.
6. Obama has led to war on police
7. Democrat policies HURT the poor, minorities, middle class, our future, our cities, our allies, . They have no concept of truth, just political expediency.

8. Obama limiting police resources to battle evil

9. Obama allowing massive Muslim immigration and central and south American , without regard to their ability to live peacefully

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