Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My top issues of the day: Obama helps Iran, Israel helps world while world condemns Israel, Pope, Hillary, Confederate flag,

My Drudge report: most important stories of the day (IMHO)
1.      Obama’s deep anti-Israel timeline of activities grows in long line of anti-Israel activities Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
2.       Confederate flag a Republican problem? It is the Democrats destroying the Black community. Record poverty, 27% unemployment, families destroyed by Democratic programs
Hope more Blacks will wake up to it eventually
3.       Is there no limit to Obama's betrayal? AP reports U.S. is now offering Iran nuclear technology!
4.       World attacks Israel for defending itself while Israel works to save world
And over 25% Muslims in USA support violence to advance islam
6.       Pope: wrong on gun control, climate change, socialism, Islam, Palestinian state
7.       Voting for Hillary is sexist. There is no rational reason to vote for her.

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