Saturday, June 13, 2015

President is playing for the other team

The only explanation that makes sense for our disastrous approach to foreign and domestic policy (making nice to enemies and abandoning allies, trusting Iran, refusing to condemn or even name Islamic radicalism as a problem, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, record debt, record poverty, record job destroying regulations, record poor recovery from reccesion, negative growth,)  is that the President is playing for the other team

To anyone who does NOT think Obama is trying to weaken America and aid Islamic jihad, answer please:

1.     Why did Obama call ISIS JV when all the top intelligence people were saying we have never seen anything like them and has refused to choose among many options to destroy isis provided by the pentagon?
2.     Why does Obama refuse to give Jordan and the Kurds they asked for to fight isis?
3.      Why does Obama refuse to share intelligence about Isis with Egypt, which asked for help.
4.     Why did Obama try and get Muslim brotherhood leader in stalled in Egypt nd them gave them 1.5 billion and our F16s?
5.     Why does Obama say  Iran can be successful regional power in compliance with our norms of behavior
6.     Why does Obama lie and say 99.9% Muslims want what we want
7.     Why does Obama lie and say  Iran can be counted on to abide by agreements
8.     Why does Obama lie and say Inspectors can verify compliance
9.     Why does Obama lie and say This deal will guarantee Iran won't get bomb
10.  Why does Obama lie and say  My sanctions hampered their efforts
11.  Why does Obama lie and say Iran has fawta vs use nuclear bomb
12.  Why does Obama lie and say Their faith precludes use of nuclear bomb
13.  Why does Obama lie and say I will protect Israel
14.  Why does Obama lie and say We and Iran agree on the terms of the deal when Iran says it is a lie
15.  Why does Obama lie and by omission and neglects to state
His top aids :Kerry, Valarie Jarett, Susan Rice have deep ties to Iran
16.  Why does Obama not acknowledge Iran's ongoing spread of terrorism on 5 continents
17.   Why does Obama not acknowledge Iran's ongoing talk of destroying Israel and USA
18.  Why does Obama not acknowledge Iran's ICBM and submarine programs
19.  Why does Obama not acknowledge his extensive, long enduring Islamic support and fraternizing with terrorists
20.  Why does Obama not acknowledge sending secret envoy before 2008 election promising mullahs they'd like his presidency
21.  Why does Obama reject Israel's demand that Israel's right to exist be prerequisite
22.  Why does Obama not acknowledge  Iran has consistently lied to UN, ignored their sanctions and decrees, hid their programs. Verification is impossible with them  
23.  Why does Obama not acknowledge  The Iran and US can’t agree on what was agreed.
24.  Why does Obama not acknowledge the basic tradeoff achieved by Secretary of State John Kerry in the talks with Iran boils down to this: Iran has to watch its step for ten years. Then all bets are off. A year later, bombs away! "
25.  Why does Obama not acknowledge the trutha s expressed here: Wall Street Journal “The truth, contrary to the President, is that the critics of his Iran framework do not want war. But they also don’t want a phony peace to lead to a nuclear Middle East that leads to a far more horrific war a decade from now.
26.  Why does Obama not acknowledge The rest of the Middle East (non Iranian stooges) are OPPOSED to this deal
27.   Why did the IRS head visit the white House 200 times right before it was exposed that IRS was harassing conservative and pro Israel groups?
28.  Why has Obama appointed so many radical Islmic jihadists to high positions in the US government?
29.   Why did Obama lie for so many weeks about Benghazi, claiming it was because of a youtube video no one watched?
30.  Why did Obama have dinner with radical Palestinians Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi 30 years ago?
31.  Why was Obama a member of a church for 26 years in Chicago whose pastor, Jeremiah Wright was an admitted communist and central theme was “goddamn America”?
32. AP scandal. Why did the Justice Department performed a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation.
33.  Rosengate: why did the Justice Department suggest Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and subsequently monitored his phones and emails.
34. Potential Holder perjury I: why did Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when in fact he signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal.
35.  The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme: Why did ATF Allow weapons from the U.S. to “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. The ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which were used in crimes, including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
36. Potential Holder Perjury II: why did Holder told Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently heard about the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he may have known much earlier.
37. Solyndra: Why did Obama administration funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. The administration also allegedly pressed Solyndra to delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.
38. Why did the Justice Department use a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.
39. Waging war all by myself: Obama may have violated the Constitution and both the letter and the spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.
40. Biden bullies the press: Vice President Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports.
41. AKPD not A-OK: The administration paid millions to the former firm of then-White House adviser David Axelrod, AKPD Message and Media, to promote passage of Obamacare. Some questioned whether the firm was hired to help pay Axelrod $2 million AKPD owed him.
42. Sestak, we’ll take care of you: Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.).
43. I’ll pass my own laws: Obama has repeatedly been accused of making end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce, including the decision not to deport illegal immigrants who may have been allowed to stay in the United States had Congress passed the “Dream Act.”
44. Why did obama help push out Quaddafi, and now Libya in hands of various jihad groups?
45. Why did Obama pulled out totally from Iraq after war was won opening way for ISIS
46. Why did Obama drew red lines in Syria and then ignored them when breached and now Isis controls half
47. Why did Obama  hold withHamas secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas.
48.  Why did Obama weakened sanctions consistently with Iran and now extends talks
49.  Why did Obama  call Turkey Erdogan Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel
50. Why did Obama of Iron Dome funding, Obama has tried to cut substantially. Congress overruled him.
51.  Why did Obama Open southern borders, allowing terrorists cross into US easily
52. Why did Obama Lose whereabouts of 6000 “students” of foreign nationality who never showed up for class
53.  Why did Obama do the unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.
54.  Why did Obama Severly limit FBI ability to monitor Islamic extremists in USA18. They've lifted all restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood visits to the United States and now restricting entry of Israelis to US”
55. Fort Hood shooter business card says “soldier of Allah” and he shouts alla akbar before he kills 13 fellow soldiers, . Why did Obama Obama calls it ‘workplace violence”.
56.  Why did Obama demand scrubbing word jihad from documents on terror and demands CIA Director scrub word Islamist before the word “terrorists” from Benghazi talking points
57. Why did Obama Refuse to acknowledge obvious Islamic link to terror
58. Why did Obama.
59.  Why does Obama allow Massively increasing Islamic immigration to USA
60. Why did Obama administration continually leaks classified documents that endanger our soldiers and especially our ally Israel
61. . Why did Obamas Say he wants to bring daylight between Israel and
62 . Why did Obama brag about killing Bin Laden, when he hypocritically campaigned against the means they used to find him. That got the actual Seals who killed him so mad they are campaigning against him
63. Why did Obama try to bully, threaten, intimidated and repeatedly turned his back on Israel ( 49 borders, no building in Jerusalem) and had the word Jerusalem removed from the DNC platform as well as Hamas as terror, and Palestinians no right of return,. He realized that Jerusalem's omission was an error and lied and said he did not know, and when he instructed them to put it back, they did, but over a majority loud chorus of boos from the delegates. DNC convention has featured a large Muslim extremist sub convention.
64.  Why did Obama foolishly encouraged and embraced Arab Spring, which is turning into Arab nightmare. g. He forbade the CIA and FBI from using the words Muslim or Islam when they investigate, making it impossible to do their job and called Fort Hood massacre of a Muslim killing our soldiers shouting allah akbar workplace violence.
65.  Why did Obama refuse to push for Israel to be included in an international terrorist conference.
66. Why did Obama administrarion calls Bibi Chickenshit and a coward and obama uninterested in finding out whom, because it was him.
67. In Gaza conflict:  a.   His FAA blocked flights to Israel b.   Denying visas to Israelis c.    Holds up armaments so Israel can defend itself  d.  Tried to cut Iron dome funding but Congress overruled e. Tried to get Hamas biggest boosters Qatar to get agreement allowing Hamas total freedom to rebuild misslies f. JOHN KERRY PLEDGES $47 MILLION TO HELP HAMAS REBUILD MISSILE SUPPLIES AND REOPEN TUNNELS g. Obama works out $11 billion arms deal to Hamas biggest supporter, Qatar
18. appoints another anti israel person to important post
68. Why did Obama and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers misappropriated over 300 million dollars in donations meant for the education of Chicago’s minority students. They routed the money to Obamas community activist buddies who then tried to turn the students in radicals. The program was a total failure.
69. Why did Obama, as an Illinois State Senator, redirected tens of millions in Illinois tax dollars to Valerie Jarrett and Tony Rezko, to provide housing for low income families. They returned the favor with political donations. The housing units were built with cheap materials and labor and are uninhabitable after a mere 10 years of use.
70. Why did Obama Return the bust of Churchill to the Brits.
71.  Why did Obama say to medvidev, Russian president, before 2012 election,  “give me space I will have more flexibility after my election.
72.  Why did Obama do nothing about VA scandals even though he campaigned about in in 2008 and then in 2013 said he just learned of it from newspapers?
73. Why did Obama campaign vs Bush's debt (minuscule compared top Obama's) and then double all ;previous US debt by himself?
74. Why did obama let us have record poverty?
75. record food stamps?
76. Why did obama let average middle class families lose $5000 in household income on average?
76. Why did Obama do nothing while 94 million don't have jobs?
77. why has obama met with al sharpton a hundred times?
78. Why did Obama invite Furgeson looters to White house to urge them on?
79. Why does Obama take the sides of the thugs and thieves who attack police and then die because of it but never takes the side of police?
80. Why has Obama massively cut our military defenses? 
81. Why did Obama direct NASA to make outreach to Muslims its primary goal?

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  1. Spot on. Don't hold your breath for answers to a single question.