Friday, June 19, 2015

More UN bias vs israel

World Jewish Digest

The war zones of Iraq, Syria and South Sudan were "mentioned" in U.N. Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon's address before a U.N. Alliance of Civilizations panel discussion on youth and peacebuilding this week. But only one country--Israel--was singled out for criticism.
"Last year was one of the worst in recent memory for children in countries affected by conflict,” the U.N. leader said, adding he is “deeply alarmed at the suffering of so many children as a result of Israeli military operations in Gaza last year.”
Reaction in Israel was swift, with lawmakers on all sides of the aisle condemning Ban. Israeli PM Netanyahu called Ban's remarks a "black day for the U.N." Netanyahu added: “It turns out that there is no limit to hypocrisy. Instead of highlighting the fact that Hamas made hostages of Gaza’s children when it fired at Israel from preschools, and dug tunnels towards Israeli preschools, the U.N. has again chosen to reproach Israel.”
According to a report by Jerusalem Online, the U.N. report on violators of children's rights did not mention Hamas by name, but had 32 chapters on Israel compared to 8 on Iraq, 15 on Afghanistan, 18 on Syria, and 11 on Darfur.
As children are slaughtered in conflicts in places such as Syria and Yemen, there appears to be no end to the U.N.'s outrageous bias against Israel.

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