Sunday, June 21, 2015

Obama and liberalism destroying America and world, catastrophic presidency

Obama and liberalism destroying America and world
1.     Domestic: Record poverty 2. More businesses going out of business than being created 3. Middle class lost average $5000 wealth 4. Record poor “recovery from recession” 5. Obama, Barney Frank and Dems caused 2008 recession, not Bush 6. Obamacare cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion 7. Record black unemployment 8. Record food stamps 8. Record low participation in labor market 9. Stock market artificially boosted by massive printing of money 10. Exacerbating racial tension
2.       85 examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
3.       Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy blunders
4.       Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
5.     Lie after lie, scandal after scandal WORST PRESIDENT EVER


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