Sunday, June 14, 2015

Leftist Jews, doing Obama and Soros' bidding, aid and abet those dedicated on destroying Israel

The Jewish left is, pursuing their suicidal agenda which will weaken Israel, has as its main target now not Isis, not the barbaric, genocidal  advocating Iran, not the Palestinian leadership which still honors murderers of Jews and teaches kindergartners to chant "death to Israel". Who is the object of their ire? Jews who are fighting BDS. They target Stand With US, the only group effectively fighting BDS on campus, Shel Adelson who has put up tens of millions for the fight and others. See this ridiculous piece
from the head of Jewish studies at MSU as an example.

The truth is simple and obvious.
The goal of BDS is elimination of Israel.
The effort is directed by Muslim terrorists.
Palestinian leadership is not interested in peace, only death to Jews and the end of Israel.
Iran is the worst nation on earth, determined to destroy Israel and USA and Obama is helping them.
Obama supports the above agenda and set up JStreet to weaken and split the american Jewsih community on Israel.
These leftist Jews aid and abet this effort. naive and suicidal.

The land belongs to the Jews

The BDS nazis on campuses are terrorists-in-training
Kapos, self Haters, JStreet, Jews who appease Muslim terrorism
For Half the Jews: their religion is LEFTISM, No longer Judaism.
JEWS how can you still be democrats? Stupid? Drank the radical Kool-aid?

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