Saturday, June 20, 2015

The disastrous Iran deal and Obama's diplomatic jihad

1. As Iran chanted death to America and Israel, and our own State department yesterday proclaimed iran is expanding worldwide terrorism,  Obama keeps giving them more and more concessions and will make a deal no matter what with  WORST nation on earth.
2. why does he so desperately want the deal?  50 examples showing his diplomatic jihadism actions
3. Obama's many Lies about Iran deal and Islam 
Iran has continually rejected most of the concessions it reportedly agreed to undertake. Top Iranian leaders are describing the framework as a ‘lie’ and announced that international nuclear inspectors will not be permitted to enter any of its contested military sites.
a. LIE of Obama "Iran can be successful regional power in compliance with our norms of behavior" even as his own state dept. June 2015 said they continue their radical terrorism outreach
b. LIE "99.9% Muslims want want we want." 81% support isis in recent poll
c. LIE "Iran can be counted on to abide by agreements" they have violated every one
d. LIE"Inspectors can verify compliance". Iran says they will not be allowed in.  Iran has consistently lied to UN, ignored their sanctions and decrees, hid their programs. Verification is impossible with them
 Can Iran compliance be verified? NO!
e. LIE"This deal will guarantee Iran won't get bomb"  It guarantees them the bomb
f. LIE My sanctions hampered their efforts.
g. LIE"They have fawta vs use nuclear bomb"  None exists
h. LIE"Their faith precludes use of nuclear bomb"  wronmhg
i.LIE "I will protect Israel" He continues to weaken and undermine Israel. Israel asks that at least Iran be forced to accept Israel’s right to exist. Obama blows him off.  Can Israel depend on Obama’s assurances?
j.LIE We and Iran agree on the terms of the deal
 The Iran and US can’t agree on what was agreed.
 Iran’s president called all this negotiation ‘diplomatic JIHAD”.

Obama lies by omission about Iran deal
k. His top aids :Kerry, Valarie Jarett, Susan Rice have deep ties to Iran
l. Iran's ongoing spread of terrorism on 5 continents
m. Iran's ongoing talk of destroying Israel and USA
n. Iran's ICBM and submarine programs
o. His extensive, long enduring Islamic support and fraternizing with terrorists
p, Sending secret envoy before 2008 election promising mullahs they'd like his presidency, Hde had this planned all along
q. Obama  and lackeys lies when say Netanyahu offers no alternatives

      Iran Deal: Holocaust In 2026 -
"So the basic tradeoff achieved by Secretary of State John Kerry in the talks with Iran boils down to this: Iran has to watch its step for ten years. Then all bets are off. A year later, bombs away! "
7.    Wall Street Journal “The truth, contrary to the President, is that the critics of his Iran framework do not want war. But they also don’t want a phony peace to lead to a nuclear Middle East that leads to a far more horrific war a decade from now.
8.    The rest of the Middle East (non Iranian stooges) are OPPOSED to this diplomatic jihad.
9.     This will inevitably lead to war. It is a terrible deal.
10.  Further weakens America

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