Monday, June 15, 2015

Suicidal to think a Jewish left right alliance on Israel is good

This writer noted in note 4  suggests that we should emulate the Adelson-Saban alliance in fighting BDS. note 1. The problem? Many of us are certain that the main people Saban supports, Obama and Hillary, are supportive of jihadists who want to kill Jews and destroy Israel. How to you make an alliance with people that are that foolish? Take Saban's money, and agree where you can, but on the main issue of Israel, the left are suicidal for Jews, and traitors. Four  main examples

1. The leftist Jews  blame Israel for the lack of progress with Palestinians, when the evidence is clear that the Palestinians have zero intention of ever making a real peace with Israel. The want the Jews gone. Period.  note 2

2. Leftish Jews actually believe Obama's diplomatic jihad that he has Israel's back, and that his Iran deal is anything but the genocidal, catastrophic deal we know it to be, and that he is not telling lie after lie about it. note 3

3. The left supports Hillary, despite her decades of real anti Israel work, and her top aid being a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist note 4

4. The left thinks that you can reason with Muslims. Explain then why 81% in a recent poll said they support Isis. the other 19%? Shiites who support Iran's mullahs most likely.


note 1 the article

Note 2. No to a terrorist, genocidal Arab Palestine and no to jihadist Obama's demand

note 3 

Obama worst, most dangerous president in US History: scandals, lies, impeachable offenses, stupidity, undermines allies, anti-Semitic, aids and abets Iranian nuclear terror and Islamic terrorist groups worldwide
Obama PRETENDS to fight Isis with 10 sorties a day. Half of which never unload bombs. Bush ordered 800 a day vs Iraq when he fought. Why? Obama is a jihadist. worst president ever 

As Iran chanted death to America and Israel, Obama keeps giving them more and more concessions.
Obama’s many lies about Iran deal
Why Iran DEAL must be defeated

note 4 

President Hillary Clinton? 30 reasons why not: scandal after scandal, Ben Ghazi, obviously took bribes as Secr. of State from Arabs and Iranian traffickers, is a serial liar, phony and hypocrite, supports Obama’s catastrophic Iran deal, has radical leftist economic views, has long history anti-Israel views, her top aid has deep Muslim terrorism ties, accomplished pitifully little as Senator and as Secr. of State was architect of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy, where is the $6 billion missing from State Dept? Perhaps mass murderer, and so much more.

We don’t even begin to understand the depths of Hillary’s depravity, corruption, lying, pro jihadism, anti Israel policies,and incompetency,?

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