Saturday, June 27, 2015

Republican Jewish Group of Chicago's South Suburbs and NW Indiana

Republican Jewish Group of Chicago's South Suburbs and NW Indiana

Iranian centrifuges are spinning as they call for destruction of Israel and USA, ISIS is enslaving women, chopping off heads throwing gays off the roof and drowning people in cages, 81% Muslims support ISIS, UN blames Israel for trying to defend its citizens from missiles, we have record poverty and 50% college grads don't have full time jobs, and the liberals/Obama are focused on making a catastrophic deal with Iran, gay marriage and lying about "hands up don't shoot while Black Panthers call for killing whites. Many Jewish groups, are all about abortion and gun control, defending Obama's obvious anti israel bias, and electing a candidate for president solely because of their skin color or sex. The Democrats are gutting our military, undermining Israel, enabling Iran  and Isis terrorism, handcuffing the economy, hurting the poor and middle class, irresponsibly adding to the debt:  the Democrats are on the WRONG side of each one. Their policies are DESTRUCTIVE to American and the world.  The truth? Democrat policies HURT the poor, minorities, middle class, our future and endanger the free world

Most Jews, sadly,  identify as Democrats. The Democratic Party policies are increasingly inimical to Judaism and the Jewish people. Even though Obama has lost much Jewish support, there are still plenty of delusional, some of them self-hating, Jews, who support Obama and the Democratic party. 

We, Jews of the South suburbs of Chicago and NW Indiana,  understanding that the Republican party far better represents Jewish values, and what is good for America. It's policies for  the poor, the middle class, minorities, Israel and the fight vs evil are far better. 

Therefore, we are establishing a group for like minded people to meet, learn, dialogue and politic for this crucial effort. This is not to compete with Republican Jewish Coalition in any way.

You need not agree with every point below to be part of the group.

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How Democrats destroy the nation and endanger all of us

After 6 1/2 years of Obama, we have

-record poverty
-on pace for him to DOUBLE ALL previous US accumulated debt
-more businesses closing than opening
-record poor recovery from recession
-record number adults out of labor market
-over 50% recent college grads without full time work
-massive immigration of Muslims to USA, 51% of whom believe shariah law should take prominence
-huge massive increase in business strangling regulations
-IRS targeting pro Israel groups for harassment
-Middle class lost average $5000 wealth per household
- Obama, Barney Frank and Dems caused 2008 recession, not Bush 
-Obamacare cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion and we could not keep our doctors or plan. Chief Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted it was sold to us packed with lies they knew about but hid from us
-Record black unemployment 
-Record food stamps 
-Stock market artificially boosted by massive printing of money 
-Purposefully exacerbating racial tension 
-Demagogues to scare away any changes which are needed to save Social Security and Medicare for our children 
--Massive illegal immigration and no security on our borders 
-Gutting our military preparedness to historic lows
-Democrats are in bed with George Soros, evil and dangerous 

-Remember Jerusalem being booed by Democratic Convention in 2012
-Remember how many Democratic congresspeople boycotting Netanyahu's historic speech to Congress on the dangers of Iran deal
-continuous weakening and threatening of Israel by this administration.Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
-Obama desperate to make ANY deal with worst terrorist nation on earth, Iran
As Iran chanted death to America and Israel, and our own State department yesterday proclaimed iran is expanding worldwide terrorism, Obama keeps giving them more and more concessions and will make a deal no matter what with WORST nation on Obama wants an Iran deal no matter how catastrophic
1. They are WORST nation on earth.
2. Even as we negotiate, our own State dept says Iran global terror undiminished
3. Obama’s many lies about Iran deal
4. Why Iran DEAL must be defeated 
-Obama is just pretending to fight Isis
-85 examples of Obama's pro Islamic jihadist activities
-Obama keeps pushing for Palestinian State despite the terrorism of their population and leadership 
-Obama keeps lying, saying 99.9% Muslims are peaceful. Truth? 81% Muslims support ISIS

See some of the evidence:

1. Many Jews who support the Democratic Party are Kapos, self Haters, JStreet, Jews who appease, Jews who work with terrorists
Leftist Jews destroying Israel

2. Democratic party is anti-Semitic now

3. We do not understand how Jews can still be Democrats.

So we ask: ????

add to our list!


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