Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tweet Congressman Levin, so he won't be a kapo

Tweet Congressman Sander Levin,
He is senior Jewish member of House, who will get the designation as a kapo by history evidently for voting FOR Obama's catastrophic deal.
 I tweeted 2x. 1. Do you really want history to know you mostly for being a KAPO, which it will if you vote for the deal  and 2..  It must be defeated. Read more details about the above here

 Jews and the Iran deal
1. Know your history: when they say they intend to kill us, they do it. 1400 BCE Egypt kills all Jewish male babies, 722 BCE Assyria disperses 10 lost tribes of Israel,586 Babylonians destroy Solomon’s temple, kill many, 5th century Book of Esther Persian king orders genocide vs Jews, 167 BCE Greeks try and annihilate Jews Maccabean times, 70 CE Romans destroy rebuilt Temple and kill thousands, 132 BCE Romans again kills thousands Jews, 4th C on Christian persecution, 700 Mohammed kills neighboring Jewish tribes,1096 Crusades killing Jews begins, 1492 Spain kills many Jews and expels many, 1648 Ukrainian Cossack mass murder Jews, 1800s Czar pogroms Russia, 1940s Nazis kill 6 million, 1948-2015 not one day of peace experienced by Israel % Jews who survived all this? 2% of what should be. 14 million, instead of the 700,000,000 we should have.
You believe the idiots who tell you Iran doesn’t really mean “death to USA and Israel”? Iran WILL use nuks to reestablish the Persian Empire and for religious reasons, to have the necessary catastrophe to have the hidden 12th Imam. emerge. They are willing to suffer catastrophic losses for these “honors”…/iran-willing-to-use… 

2. HUGE LIE is that American Jews support the deal. TRUTH: They do not and the leftist polls that say otherwise are lies…/us-oppose-iran-deal…- are.html After hearing both sides Jews OPPOSE 58%-30%
Why is the deal so catastrophic?

3. Why is Obama pushing it
2.      Obama promotes radical Islamic jihad 50  examples  and Obama promotes radical Islamic jihad / 85 examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
Obama's deal makes war much more likely and much better alternatives abound.  It must be defeated. Read more details about the above here
4. Jews who support deal are suicidal, genocidal, fratricidal and ignorant

List of Jewish KAPOS in Congress supporting genocidal Iran deal and HONOR ROLL for Dems opposing it . List in formation as announcements are made.…/list-of-jewish-kapo…
Traitorous Jewish organizations helping Obama betray Israel with Iran deal or staying “parve”…/jewish-organization…

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