Saturday, March 5, 2016

A vote for Hillary is a vote to get your daughter raped

Hillary did not care when her husband raped and abused women. In fact, she led the campaign to further abuse them. Now she, and all Democrats
want to import 100,000 Muslim rapefugees, on top of the million Muslims Obama has allowed to immigrate. 1. FBI says they are unvettable 2. 25% current USA Muslims support violent jihad. 3 80% Rapefugees are military age men. 4. At least 13% admit to supporting Isis. 5. Isis can now make US Customs foolproof passports.
Our radical Dem candidate for Senator in Illinois, Tammy Duckworth wants to import 200,000 rapefugees. Why? Because 80% Muslims vote democratic. they don't care if your daughter gets raped.
Public spaces are becoming perilous for women and children

Hillary — Breaching national security with miss-handling classified documents, lives lost due to incompetence and then cover-up in Benghazi, catering to Goldman Sachs with enormous speaking fees, Clinton Foundation connections to Russia and Islamic Terrorist groups, the enforcer in quieting the woman her husband sexually harassed, the list goes on and on. 

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