Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why #neverberniehillary

Why #cruzorTrump Why #Neverhillarybernie
#1 : keeping us safe. Who is actually going to shut down border and expel terrorists and violent illegal felons? Who will do surveillance and close down radical mosques, majority of which advocate mass murder and sedition (1)? Who will actually scare iran’s mullahs enough and stop their nuclear program? Who is the one guy Putin and China won’t want to mess with? Who will stop allowing in Isis supporting rapefugees? Who will support our allies and fight our adversaries and enemies?
#2 economy: who will lower taxes, eliminate red tape regulations, help rather than hurt businesses?
#3. Obamanomics have given us record poverty, especially hurt minorities. Democrats WANT Minority poor to be kept in poverty chains to keep voting for their phony promises
#neverhillary (2) #neverbernie (3)
1.      Both want to massively increase unvettable Muslim immigrants, Hillary did not care when her husband raped and abused women. In fact, she led the campaign to further abuse them. Now she, and all Democrats want to import 100,000 Muslim rapefugees, on top of the million Muslims Obama has allowed to immigrate. 1. FBI says they are unvettable 2. 25% current USA Muslims support violent jihad. 3 80% Rapefugees are military age men. 4. At least 13% admit to supporting Isis. 5. Isis can now make US Customs foolproof passports.
2.      Hillary has taken massive bribes for phony foundation from world’s terrorist nations. Her top 2 advisors hate Israel and one is Muslim brotherhood terrorist.
3.      Architect of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy as world falls apart and terrorists grow daily, Duped by Russia in Russian reset and sent them ½ our enriched uranium and Bernie is old fashioned communist (4)
4.      Hillary most corrupt, dangerous, lying, cheating, inept candidate ever
5.      Obama worst president ever in very way as well as pro Islamic jhadist and Hillary applauds him and wants to double down.
6.      Why Islamic terrorists want her to win



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