Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump: when asked a question, attack Hillary!!!

Trump: when asked a question, attack Hillary!!!
Trump needs to play MORE offense when he gets asked bad questions: OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE. Dems do that with every question. Being too nice cost Dole, McCain and Romney the elections. Start now. Get these ideas firmly planted.
1. Do you renounce David Duke: answer "of course, I am the least racist person there is AND Hillary is endorsed by "Blacklivesmatter; cop killer advocates (a group 2/3rds of Blacks reject!) and every Muslim terrorist in the world. Her phony foundation gets millions of dollars from the world's worst terrorist nations. Why do you think they give her millions? 10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want her to win.
2. Are you neutral on Palestinian Israel issue?: Answer: I am very pro-Israel. Bibi asked me to make a commercial for him. But I can't be MORE ZIONIST than Bibi who says we should negotiate. I know Hamas are terrorist and want all Jews dead and Fatah is not much better but Bibi thinks we should give it a shot. I doubt it can happen but we must give it a shot. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we know for sure now from Hillary's emails and her long history that she is a deep Israel hater and very pro Muslim terrorist. OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE . Long anti-Israel history http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2015/11/hillarys-anti-israel-history-
 3. Iran? Hillary supports that catastrophic genocidal deal. You’ll get more terrorist appeasement. We need a Republican senate. 42/44 Dem Senators voted for that worst ever deal.
4. Economy: 8 years of recession from Obama and Democratic policies and Hillary wants to double down on the obamanomics tragedy
5. Illegals? Hillary wants to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees, 80% are military age men like the ones raping their way through Europe, whom FBI says are unvettable. She supports illegal sanctuary cities. she wants the 11 million illegals to vote so she can win.
( advice from a Former National Debate champion)

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