Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why do Democrats want to endanger us? Jihadist Obama wants the Isis invasion of Europe and then USA

 Why do Democrats want to endanger us? Jihadist Obama wants the Isis invasion of Europe and then USA
·         First thing he did when became POTUS was return Churchill bust to UK. Churchill saved world in WW2. Why would Obama do that? Churchill=colonialism to Obama. Obama’s dad was Muslim anti-colonialist. Obama is phony convert from Islam, according to his anti-American pastor of 26 years, Rev Wright. Muslim invasion of Europe is just payback in Obama’s mind for western colonialism. Remember when Michelle said Obama’s election “first time she’s been proud of USA”?
·         There will be NO PROGRESS on curbing Islamic terror until after our jihadist-in-chief leaves office.
He wants Islamic terrorists to succeed. The evidence is overwhelming.
Everything he has done has promoted them. People are blind to it. .
·         Obama has admitted hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslims through 2013 and refuses to give any info on how many in 2014 through today, even to congress.
·         He demands the FBI be handcuffed in surveillance and now condemns Cruz for suggesting we go back to COMMUNITY POLICING, which was always done until Obama. Leading Muslim moderate endorses Cruz/Trump plan to monitor Muslims
·         Obama and Hillary are responsible for a. creating isis by withdrawing from stabilized iraq and not stopping all this Isis terrorism, daily occurrences this week and spreading rapidly throughout the world, including USA. The. Wall Street Journal lead editorial March 23 says terrorism spreads from the failure to destroy Islamic state. Obama called it JV, then for a year said had no strategy, now had been pretend fighting them. Israel's top soldier, former Prime Minister Barak, said Isis could be finished off in 2 days. The second WSJ editorial yesterday shows how ridiculous Obama trying to minimize the threat is. What kind of man does the wave at a Communist tyrannical countries baseball game just after an isis mass bombing in Europe and then goes to Argentina to tango?
·         Obama lies non-stop. Islamic doctrine of taqiyya allows it to advance islam.He claims 99.9% Muslims are peaceful when fact is 25% of USA Muslims admit to supporting violent jihad, and 13% Syrian rapefugees admit support for Isis. Obama calls these Islamic terrorism acts: a. workplace violence b. overseas contingency actions 3. man caused disasters. Most mosques US mosques radicalized. Obama does not allow surveillance.

·         Hillary will be just as bad
Besides being the most corrupt, lying, dangerous person ever to run for president,,
Hillary's top aid Huma is from Muslim brotherhood family.
Hillary supports Obama’s genocidal Iran deal.
She and Bill have taken millions from terrorist nations and front groups.
5 Arab nations disintegrated in terrorist States on her watch.
She says fight terror with love and kindness.
Now she wants to bring in huge # of unvettable Syrian rapefugees, 80% of whom are military age men, sent by isis to conquest.
She wants open borders to terrorists can sneak in.
She eschews waterboarding which was done on 3 people and directly led to Bin Laden capture. Hypocrites Obama and Hillary claim Bin laden success

·         Most mosques US mosques radicalized. Obama does not allow surveillance.

a.    25% current Muslim US citizens admit to supporting violent jihad
b.    51% are seditious, favoring shariah over the constitution
c.    Huge % on welfare
d.    Obama lies when says most are women and children. 81% are military age men
e.    Obama lies when says we can vet them. FBI says we cannot. They have stolen perfect passport machines.
f.    20% admit support for Isis, and many other the 86 other Islamic terror groups
g. Hillary says fight Isis with love and kindness. Bernie says it is climate change. Pelosi says it is jobs. Obama’ won’t say the word Islamic.

·         h. In Europe, they rape, murder, harass, terrorize freely.

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