Sunday, March 20, 2016

#NeverBernie His ideas are foolish and dangerous.

Bernie is actually old fashioned communist. Bernie says he is a Democratic socialist but he actually is an old communist. Honeymooned in the Soviet UNION DANGEROUS RADICAL .…/bernie-sanders-is-a…

Socialism is evil.
1. Definition: government controls means of production and distribution of income. Hence you LOSE YOUR FREEDOM. Nazism was a socialist movement. Countries that do that cannot field their own people and the 3 major countries that tried it killed at least 50 million people each last century: China under mao, Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler
3. European semi socialist nations are failing. Sweden, if US state, would be 49th poorest.
4. Capitalism has lifted more out of poverty by enormous margins than any other system
5. Socialism takes away incentive to work
6. Israeli experiment of socialist kibbutz failed. People did not like being told what their limits are. The kibbutzim are now capitalists.
7. No such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay. The doctors and nurses and technicians deserve income too.
8. There is not enough money among the rich to pay a fraction of Bernie’s free proposals. They already pay a huge % of the nation’s expenses.
9. Even liberal economists know Bernie’s plans are ridiculous
11. Bernie is organizing the anti Democratic disruptions that deny free speech
12. As Bernie boycotts AIPAC invitation, he HATES Israel Bernie sanders
Brother is pro BDS

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