Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Trump event: Obama, Soros, Sanders,Isis, Palestinian terrorists, leftist radicals all linked

Don't the Repubs blaming Trump for the ultra leftist thugs disrupting his free speech, that if these fascists are successful, they will the go after Cruz, disrupt the convention and continue all the way to the election?

Want to read examples in the past of thugs sent to disrupt free speech/free assembly rights of political opponents? Nazis. Heinrich Bruning and the Dissolution of the Weimar Republic

By William L. Patch, Jr, William L. Patch
Who are those trying to deny free speech rights to Trump and 25,000 peaceful Americans every time they peacefully assemble?
Fascistic liberals, Bernie and Hillary’s gestapo fascist disruptors, Obama’s banker Soros financing the disruption, Isis and Palestinian terrorists supporters,, leftist radicals, blacklivesmatter cop killing advocates, Bill  Ayers Obama’s buddy pentagon bomber, Code Pink radicals,Mexico (
all linked. Bernie has always tried to hide his communist past.

Stealing elections is no longer enough. Now they need to deny free speech.
25,000 Americans peacefully gather to hear someone speak, Thugs invade the area, and try and shout down the speaker and some assault those peacefully assembled.
ARREST the invaders disturbing the peace and assaulting the 25,000 people who wanted to LISTEN to Trump.
Obama's fingerprints are all over this effort to terrorize and disrupt Trump's Chicago event. In the same way he brought Furgeson rioters to White House to urge them on, (
as well as Mizzou blacklivesmatter rioters, our community agitator in chief wants anarchy. His terrorism banker, Soros funds several of the key groups and Bill Ayers, Pentagon bomber and guy in whose Hyde Park living room Obama got his start, was a big part of the rioters/ protesters.
Soros admits will spend millions disrupting Trump. And Mopve On .org took credit. This is all typical Democratic tactics. Anything to win. Violence, deny free speech, facism, lie, bribes from terrorist nations, voter fraud. There policies create record poverty, a weakened Americam alienated all our allies, enhance our enemies, endanger all of us.
Good judge of man by who are his enemies; Trump's enemies? Who protested last night? liberal fascists, Muslim terrorists "free free Palestine" crowd, Gorge Soros, Bill Ayers, Blacklivesmatter cop killing advocates, illegal alien criminals, radical leftist anarchists. Now even isis has gotten involved.

BERNIE ADMITS the attackers last night in Chicago are his backers. ""[Sanders] should really get up and say to his people, 'stop,'" he said.
Sanders defended his supporters while speaking in Chicago on Saturday.
“What our supporters are responding to is a candidate who has in fact in many ways encouraged violence," he said." Bernie, you're the one leading 
Insane that Cruz, Rubio, Kasich blame trump, not these radical leftist anarchists. Thought they stood for free speech.

Time for those who see democrats as evil to go protest their rallies  if Bernie and Obama won’t stop their gestapo tactics.

The correct Hitler comparison is to Obama and Hillary who gave Iran pathway to nuclear weapons and $50 billion to build them, while they openly call for the murder of 6 million Jews.

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