Thursday, March 31, 2016

Post Iran deal-it gets worse and worse

Jihadists Obama/Hillary lasting legacy to start WW3.
Never forgive Hillary and the 42 Democrat senators who voted for this genocidal deal.. It is vital to elect a Republic pledged to repeal or neuter this deal
Post Iran deal-it gets worse and worse
1. Wild spending spree on sophisticated weapons
2. Iran has stopped dismantling nuclear centrifuges: senior official
3. Iran not honoring the deal
4. It will get much worse once sanctions are ended. For now, the United States still holds leverage because most of the sanctions relief still remains to be given. But, once Iran pockets that relief, and snapback sanctions become increasingly impossible as the Europeans sink billions of dollars into Iran, we can expect the regime to return to its pattern of nuclear mendacity and gamesmanship.”

5. This deal threatens USA 5 ways: ICBMs, smuggles dirty bombs, their Russian and N Korean subs, legitimized nuclear program, increased terrorism

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