Thursday, March 17, 2016

Advice for Trump Today's WSJournal, Karl Rove suggests:

Advice for Trump
Today's WSJournal, Karl Rove suggests:
1. Change your tone. No incitement.
2. Work to unify GOP. By nice to party regulars.
3. Better responses to the attacks
4. Get advisers and name them. (good move announcing Sen. sessions as heading up foreign policy)
5. Things slow a bit now. Study up on the issues
6. Go after swing voters
7. Go after Hillary and Obama now
8. New stump speech
9. Stop talking about polls

To #3. Better responses examples from me
1.Promote Violence? You say 1. Give examples of Obama's violent rhetoric Democrats are much worse but you media ignore it 2. Evidence is clear far left and Bernie supporters are purposefully inciting, violating free speech. test of police if they can keep order. The Democrats are behaving like fascists denying free speech and threatening to disrupt our right of free assembly. is that what americans want. You media ignore it.
2. accusation his plans to reduce taxes will increase deficits:
Those "studies" come from far left wing economic groups that do not believe in what Reagan proved conclusively: lower taxes lead to much higher growth.
3. Racist: a. none of the 65 Muslim nations will allow any Muslim refugees. If they won't why would we? Why do Democrats want to endanger us by bringing in unvettable (FBI) Isis supporters from Syrian currently raping their way through europe. Carter enacted same temporary restrictions agaimnst Muslims i call for after iran took our hostages and no one called that racism. This is common sense, as a trmporary measure until FBI assures us we can be safe.
b. I never said ALL Mexicans but why are democrats so quick to keep murderous thieving criminal illegal aliens here and not deport them? Non criminal illegals will have an opportunity to come back but the question is why do Democrats not believe we have a right to have a border. Mexico has a very tough border on its southern end.

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