Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama and Hillary are responsible for not stopping all this Isis terrorism

Obama and Hillary are responsible for not stopping all this Isis terrorism, daily occurrences this week and spreading rapidly throughout the world, including USA. The. Wall Street Journal lead editorial today says terrorism spreads from the failure to destroy Islamic state. Obama called it JV, then for a year said had no strategy, now had been pretend fighting them. Israel's top soldier, former Prime Minister Barak, said Isis could be finished off in 2 days. The second WSJ editorial today shows how ridiculous Obama trying to minimize the threat is. Why is he like this? Only one plausible explanation. He is a radical Islamic jihadist. People are afraid to see or admit the obvious. What kind of man does the wave at a Communist tyrannical countries baseball game just after an isis mass bombing in Europe.
Hillary's top aid Huma is from Muslim brotherhood family. Hillary supports genocidal Iran deal. She and Bill have taken millions from terrorist nations and front groups. 5 Arab nations disintegrated in terrorist States on her watch. She says fight terror with love and kindness. Now she wants to bring in huge # of unvettable Syrian rapefugees, 80% of whom are military age men, sent by isis to conquest. She wants open borders to terrorists can sneak in. Electing her continues the Obama nightmare and endangers the world

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