Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mathews played Gotcha with Trump on abortion. Easy response

Gotcha on abortion. Easy response. OFFENSE, not defense. Answer to every question: Democrats views/policies are reprehensible.

Democrats love to trip up the good guys on abortion questions. We lost 2 senate races, Missouri and Indiana in 2104 over it and now Trump got tripped up. EASY ANSWER: PLAY OFFENSE

Whenever a Democrat asks a gotcha question, TURN IT AROUND. ON abortion as an example:

You journalist should be focusing on the disgusting a reprehensible Democratic view that goes way beyond the Supreme court consensus and wants NO limits at all. The head of the party Debbie Wasserman Shultz recently said (1) they believe in NO limits at all. Obama voted 3x as Illinois State Senator (2) to allow babies who emerge alive from a botched abortion effort to die and to DENY THEM any medical care. That is murder by any definition and that is typical of the orally outrageous Democrats.  Not only have the democrats doubled all our previous debt, given us record poverty, gutted our military, let Islamic terror flourish, but they are ok killing newborn babies.

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