Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is it a moral failure to support Trump?

Some Republican "leaders" are now claiming "Trump is more than a political choice. It is a litmus test of character." They suggest supporting Trump is immoral. They better change their tune if Trump gets the nomination. My view: 1. Not getting on board if Trump wins the nomination and thereby facilitating Hillary's election, is a character failure. Politics is always a choice among imperfect people. Doing wnything to ease this corrupt, lying, treasonous, radical, pro islamist hillary to the prsidency is immoral. 2. After a total failure of the Republican establishment to stop Obama/Hillary's program of weakening USA and growing terrorism, supporting the old Republican system is a failure of character. The voters were clear in 2014. Last chance
Stop Obama. The Republican Senate and House did nothing to stop him. That is what led to Trump.

Why Trump could be a GREAT President.

1. Will close the borders and deport illegal felons that Obama opened
2. Will slow Muslim immigration which endangers us that Obama did
3. Will destroy Isis that Obama pretends to fight
4. Will improve balance of trade
5. Will cut business killing regulations that Obama instituted
7. Will support our allies that Obama repudiated
8. Will end Obamacare
9. Will end “sanctuary cities” harboring illegal immigrant felons that Obama encouraged
10. Will rebuild our military Obama gutted
11. Will improve care for our Vets Obama ignored
12. Will stop IRS and EPA abusing citizens Obama did
13. Will reform welfare that led to our record poverty under Obama
14. He won’t be Hillary: corrupt, pathological liar, scandal after scandal, sold out nation for profit, aided Islamic terror,
15. Will keep Gitmo open and add "lots of really bad guys"
16. Will scare world leaders of enemies to cooperating, as Reagan did.
17. Close to Israel PM Netanyahu

If he does this, he will be a GREAT President. 
Obama worst president ever 
Obama is a radical Islamic jihadist

Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. see video 
+ her pro jihad/anti-Israel views
The issue about referencing Bill is that Hillary LED the attack on the assault accusers! 

Hillary pathological liar

Hillary’s war on women

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