Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Journalists do your job! Ask hillary these questions about her corruption, lying, thievery, murders, women abuse

Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for President. Murderer, thief, pathological liar.

Journalists, do your job. Ask her these Questions:
1.       Why do you lie about your emails, claiming no highly classified emails were on your private server, when the law clearly says even if unmarked, it is not allowed? Clinton’s email jeopardy http://www.wsj.com/articles/clintons-email-jeopardy-1457136207
         Explodes all of Hillary’s defense of her treasonous activities
2.       Where is the missing $6 billion from the State department? http://www.dineshdsouza.com/news/wapo-inspector-general-issues-alert-over-6-billion-in-missing-state-dept-money/
3.       Why did you lie to the nation for weeks, and still do, blaming Benghazi on  a video no one watched, when you knew within hours it was an organized Al-Qaida attack, and then lie to parents of the 4 dead you let die? http://usherald.com/hillary-benghazi-victim-mother-absolutely-wrong-to-call-me-a-liar/   
4.       Why did you lie about being in sniper fire, like Tom Brokaw did?
5.       Why did you lie about being named for Sir Hillary?
6.       Why have over 80 associates of yours died under mysterious circumstances after it was clear they might 
embarrass you? Why does bill’s mistress worry about you killing her? 
7.       What did you promise the world’s worst nations in exchange for the massive bribes/donations to your phony Clinton Foundation?
8.       Why did you lead the abuse of the women your husband abused and call them liars when you also say women who charge abuse should be believed?
9.       Why, under your watch, did Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria all disintegrate?
10.   Why, under your watch, did Isis come into existence?
11.   Why did you have the “reset button” with Russia at the same time Putin is invading Ukraine?
12.   Why do your emails contain such vicious attacks on Israel?
13.   Why is a 75 year old socialist giving you such a run for your money>?>
14.   Why do 60% of Americans think you dishonest?
15.   Why do you double down on the worst presidency in US history and want to continue it? Record poverty, doubling all previous US debt, avg economic growth of 1.5%, massive expansion of Islamic terrorism, increased racial tension, record   quit looking for jobs, most new jobs low paying or part time, total failure of Obamacare,
16.   Why under your watch, do all our allies feel betrayed by USA and our enemies and adversaries emboldened?
17.   Why do you want to bring in 100,000 unvettable Syrian rapefugees, 13% of whom admit support for isis? They are raping their way through Europe.
18.   How could you support Obama’s catastrophic Iran deal?
19.   How could you propose $19 trillion in new spending and not think it will bankrupt USA? Her plans will bankrupt USA. Plans $1 trillion in new spending. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article51084285.html
20.   Your main spiritual mentor is the ultra radical Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules for radicals” . How deeply has that influenced your values
21.   You say “no walls” “build bridges” How then do you propose to stop illegal Immigration and all the violent crime that comes with them, or don’t you care?
22.   How exactly will “more love and kindness” stop Isis?
24.   Why do you support policies that will increase income inequality? Liberals policies INCREASE income inequality!! http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-progressives-drive-income-inequality-1457132837
25.   How do you respond to these ten reasons Muslim terrorists endorse you? 10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president
26.   Why did you transfer half our uranium to the Russians as Secr. Of State? Was it because your phony foundation received $145 million from them?
28. Why do you plan to help finance Islamic terror by OPPOSING fracking in USA, which has been proven safe, thereby driving down domestic production and making us more dependent on Arab oil?
29. Why is it ok for you to be surrounded by armed guards all the time but demand Americans give up their guns? How is that not hypocrisy?
    30. Why did you lie to the parents of Benghazi victims: http://supremepatriot.com/2016/03/11/benghazi-victims-mother-special-place-in-hell-for-people-like-hillary-i-hope-she-enjoys-it-there/

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