Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pro BDS/Pro Palestinian= Pro Islamic terrorism, pro killing Jews.

Pro BDS/Pro Palestinian= Pro Islamic terrorism, pro killing Jews.
1. Palestinians do NOT desire peace with Jews. They simply want to kill all Jews and steal Jewish land.
2. Free Palestine/end the occupation/CAIR/BDS/Muslim student association, Stdents for Justice In Palestine are all based on lies and produced by Muslim terrorist organazations.
3. Palestine was Jewish Judea until Romans changed it to Palestine based on Philistine sea people, that had 0 connection to area.
4. It stayed Jewish until Israel. Soviets created fictitious Palestinian Arab people,
supported by Arabs to weaken Israel. Most “Palestinian refugees” came from far when they saw Jews improving area, and have 0 connection to the land historically.
“Free Free Palestine” and “end the occupation” have no interest in Israel withdrawal from Judea and samaria. Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza 10 years ago and got 10,000 missiles shot at her in exchange. The college groups supporting these “causes” are part of Muslim brotherhood Islamic terror groups designed to destroy Israel and weaken the West.
The phony modern Arab Palestinians are a people made up by the Soviets in 1964, (1c) and as a tool by Arabs to weaken Israel. PLO began in 1964. 1964 was BEFORE Israel conquered its rightful land back from the Jordanians, who stole it in 1948, in a war where all of Israel’s neighbors threatened Israel with annihilation.  PLO could have had Palestinian state then from Jordan but they want ALL of Israel. There never was an Arab ownership of the land. The term “Palestine” refers to from the Philistine sea people, who had ZERO to do with any local people, was created by the Romans in 135 CE to rename Judea because they wanted to minimize JEWISH dominance of the land. (1a)
     A large % of the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza were not descendants of natives of Palestine at the time of the formation of Israel in 1948, but had arrived in waves of immigration starting in the 19th century and continuing through the period of the British Mandate, as they saw the previous dry land come to life by the Jewish settlers. At the same time a much larger number of Jews ()800,000)  than the number Arabs fleeing Palestine, were driven out of the Arab countries, where they had lived 2500 years, and became refugees in Israel. The 1948 so called Palestinian exodus is actually a population exchange that resulted from the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Judea and Samaria is Jewish land going back 3000 years. 3 Israeli prime Ministers have tried hard to make a deal with this phony people who are unwilling to stop wanting to kill Jews and steal all of Israel. (1) and (1b)
A morally inverted Europe, who actively or passively helped Hitler kill 6 million Jews 70 years ago, now adopts early Nazi practices. Regarding the Jewish state. 

They ignore the barbarism and depravity of the  Muslims (2) with great support from a jihadist US President (3) and possible successor, God forbid (4)

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