Saturday, March 5, 2016

Important articles in TODAY’S Wall Street Journal demonstrate the disaster that would be of a Hillary or Sanders presidency.

Important articles in TODAY’S Wall Street Journal demonstrate the disaster that would be of  a Hillary or Sanders presidency.

The Republicans advocate cutting taxes. Favorite talking points of the media, including Fox, is to say their plans increase the deficit. This article shows why they are erroneous, based on liberal tax analysis organizations that use bad economics. “The center stuck to the same script it used in its earlier evaluations of the tax plans offered by Jeb Bush and Donald Trump: forecasting revenue costs soaring into outrageous territory with ethereal economic benefits. Neither reflect reality. Instead, tax reform is a vital element of a policy agenda to strengthen growth while restoring rising wages and the prosperity that Americans expect and deserve.”

2.       Many Americans foolishly think socialism is good. It has been a disaster wherever tried. The more government intervention in the economy, the worse it is.
2 articles show examples
a.       Liberals policies INCREASE income inequality!!
“Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are promising all types of programs to make America a more equal country. That’s no surprise. But when you look at performance and not rhetoric, the administrations of political progressives have made the distribution of income more unequal than their adversaries, who supposedly favor the wealthy.
b.   China is an example of why socialism fails. “In the country’s divided economy, state-owned industries stagnate in the heartland while private companies on the coast race ahead…While Beijing has allowed cosmetic reforms, he accuses the Communist Party of blocking the restructuring of banks and state enterprises to keep an anachronistic brand of socialism in place. The Party's "cocktail of intolerance, corruption and secrecy" dim prospects for a true transformation, he contends…
3.       Clinton’s email jeopardy

Explodes all of Hillary’s defense of her treasonous activities

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