Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vote for Hillary=Vote for lots of dead Jews

Hillary — Breaching national security with miss-handling classified documents, lives lost due to incompetence and then cover-up in Benghazi, catering to Goldman Sachs with enormous speaking fees, Clinton Foundation connections to Russia and Islamic Terrorist groups, the enforcer in quieting the woman her husband sexually harassed, the list goes on and on. 

Vote for Hillary=Vote for lots of dead Jews
Obviously liberals jews must not care if israeli jews die, or they are too stupid to see reality.
Palestinians stab Jews. Biden visiting expresses anger that Abas does not condemn the stabbings, but applauds them. Idiot. Abbas, supposedly the “moderate” Palestinian, encourages the continuing terror campaign vs Jews. Hamas is on record wanting all Jews dead. Iran sends two long range missiles yesterday with Hebrew wording death to Israel. All brought to you courtesy by jihadist Obama. None of this would be happening if a Republican was in the white Hose. Hillary will be just as bad. Hillary Clinton 10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president
Long anti-Israel history
Obama’s, by design, has encouraged this anti-Israel, Jew hating Islamic terrorism and genocide advocacy.
At a time when Islamic terrorists are running amok, Obama aids and abets Iran, the Middle East is spiraling down, having 0 to do with Israel, Obama’s administration attacks ISRAEL.
What else can we expect from a jihadist? See 285 other examples of Obama’s jihadism

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