Thursday, April 9, 2015

Can't make same catastrophic mistake again in 2016

More and more people are finally realizing Obama is a pro Islamic jihadist.
The only logical possibility, based on plethora of evidence, Obama is a radical pro-Islamic, anti Israel  jihadist.
 Joe Walsh, former congressman on Chicago radio said it yesterday and is still on the air. Michael Savage says it regularly. Others are not there yet but it is slowly dawning on them. There is no other rationale explanation for his behavior. My uncle claims loads of people he knows voted for Obama 2x but now deeply regret it. Wonder how many? Last poll I saw is Romney would have won by 9% if election were held today. Catastrophic consequences of the misjudgement of so many. Just don't make the same mistake with Hillary. She's as radical and dangerous, and just as much as a liar..

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