Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Democratic party leadership

Here is what the Democratic party offers for leadership: First on Obama. Do you agree 1.doubled all previous US debt by end of term? record poverty? record food stamps? Blacks have done much worse economically? incredibly poor eonomic growth? disastrous foreign policy? (all our allies feel betrayed, all our enemies emboldened?That he has lied constantly? Record # of terrible scandals swept under the rug? =easily worst president in US history. details see Obama worst, most dangerous president in US History: scandals, lies, impeachable offenses, stupidity.
for Hillary, she was mentored by Alinsky? That she took money while Secr. of state from Arab nations? That she wiped her server clean after being asked to produce it? That her own State dept can't come up with one accomplishment she has as Secr of State? that she has long record of anti Israel activities except when wanting Jewish money? That she said recently "businesses do not create jobs? That her top aid is from muslim brotherhood family? to see details see Hillary would be Obama’s 3rd term but worse: radical, Alinskyite, pro terror, anti Israel,

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