Friday, April 3, 2015

More on the new anti missile sytem of Israel. Can they stop Iran's ICBMs

One of the names of our festival is Passover, name from the Greek translation of Pesah, seeing it as a verb meaning the angel of death passed over the Israelite homes and went to kill the first born of Egypt, so that Pharoah would cry wolf and let Israel be free.  Other places in the Bible Pesah means to guard, Either meaning is relevant this erev Pesah as we contemplate Israe's multi pronged anti missile system. 
The David’s Sling anti-ballistic missile system successfully passed a series of trial runs, shooting down incoming surface-to-surface and air-to-surface-missiles in a drill simulating rocket bombardments of Israeli cities, Defense Ministry officials said Wednesday.
“The system is designed to intercept… threats from Lebanon. Representatives from the US were present during the trials and are full partners in the project,” Ramtay told the Ynet news site.
Israel believes Hezbollah possesses a large stockpile of GPS-guided long range missiles, capable of covering large swaths of Israeli territory, including major population centers such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A senior IDF general said Wednesday that the next conflict with the Lebanese Shiite militia could see a thousand rockets fired at Israel each day.
Channel 2 News reported, however, that the system’s prime use would be to protect strategically sensitive facilities and military bases, and that it would not be capable of thwarting vast missile onslaughts on the scale that Hezbollah could mount. Rather, its deployment would constitute a further “deterrent” to Hezbollah, the TV report said, and would need to be accompanied by a military offensive deep into Lebanon to counter any major Hezbollah attack.
David’s Sling could be used to intercept Hezbollah’s most potent missiles and, potentially, those from Iran, the report added...David’s Sling is part of a four pronged anti missile defense umbrella designed to protect Israel from short and long range missiles. Iron Dome protects against smaller, short-range threats up to 70 kilometers; David’s Sling, covers mid-range threats from 70-300 kilometers; Arrow 2, for long-range attacks; and Arrow 3, for incoming missiles from up to 2,500 kilometers away.
Of the operational systems, only Iron Dome has been used in combat. Defending against short-to-mid-range rockets, it intercepted roughly 90 percent of its targeted projectiles during the conflict with Gaza, according to figures released by the army.
On the offensive end, Israel has reportedly also been testing the Jericho 3, an intercontinental ballistic missile said to have a range of over 10,000 kilometers."

One comment was: "Video shows the system works against what appears to be a 500 mph cruise missile. An ICBM with a nuke warhead fired by Iran goes over 10,000 mph and Israel has 5-7 minutes to see the launch, identify the target and destroy it before it is over Israeli airspace. Hope this system can do that and avoid Iranian decoys of which there will hundreds if Iran has an ounce of brains. Nevertheless a great step forward."
Plus people predict in the next hezbollah bagttle, they will fire 1500 missiles a DAY at israel.

Read more: Israel's new anti-ballistic missile system 'phenomenal' in testing | The Times of Israel
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Read more: Israel's new anti-ballistic missile system 'phenomenal' in testing | The Times of Israel
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