Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Next danger for Israel is UN action about a new terrorist state

The salient issues
1. All Palestinian leadership are war criminals and terrorists, including the supposed "moderate" Abbas.

2. Us position has always been the UN is not the proper venue. Any accord must be reached in direct negotiations between the parties. 

3, Obama rejects that. He is bent on undermining and weakening Israel

WHY WOULD OBAMA DO THIS CATASTROPHIC DEAL WITH WORLD'S WORST TERRORIST NATION and want another terrorist state on israel's borders?  and why suddenly a significant uptick in anti-Israel talk from Obama? Obama is not "leading from behind": incompetent" "needs to understand" "stupid" and irrelevant if he's mentally ill. Obama aids and abets terror He’s been anti American, anti-Israel, pro jihad from the beginning. He just lied about it. The only logical possibility, based on plethora of evidence, is Obama is a radical pro-Islamic jihadist.

He insists on a Palestinian state one way or another. he promised the pro palestinian terrorists Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said there would be a Palestinian state before he left office.

At dinner with them in his 30s.

Obama insists on "Auschwitz borders for israel.

We cannot count on democrats in congress to help.

4. Israel has the only legal right to the land. Palestinians have no claims.

5. The UN is a place of evil anti Semitism
UN advances evil

6. Don't count on Hillary. Long history of anti israel views except when she wants Jewish money

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