Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WHY WOULD OBAMA DO THIS CATASTROPHIC DEAL? He wants Iran to get nuclear bombs.

WHY WOULD OBAMA DO THIS CATASTROPHIC DEAL WITH WORLD'S WORST TERRORIST NATION? We reward their 30 years of explosive terrorism support everywhere, we allow them to keep their nuclear weapons infrastructure, lift sanctions, can never verify their promises, know they have lied and hid from inspectors throughout, as they shout “death to America” and “destruction of Israel is not-negotiable”. Obama says its just rhetoric. Willing to bet the world on that? Shows total igorance, but more likely purposefully  ignoring their real theology, motivation, jihad goals.
·         The only logical possibility, based on plethora of evidence, Obama is a radical pro-Islamicanti Israel  jihadist.
·          He is aiding and abetting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He has said he wants them to be the regional success. 
·         Deal leaves Iran much stronger than before 
·     Endangers Israel
 but don’t forget the amazing number of anti-Semites he’s appointed

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