Monday, July 20, 2015

Christians wonder how Jews could be so crazy as to support leftists

Christians wonder how Jews could be so crazy as to support leftists who ruin, American aid and abet Islamic terrorism and undermine Israel. This explains it. For many Jews, their religion and god, is LEFTISM, not Judaism and God. It is a historical mistake, a legacy from our Russian grandparents who came to USA as rebellious teens in the amount of 2 million from 1880-1920. They briefly believed in 1880-1917 or so that communism/socialism was a better, and they NEVER learned from the 150 million killed by Communists /socialists Mao, Stalin, Hitler. Still today, despite all the evidence showing leftist policies and leaders: betray Israel, promote Islamic jihad, hurt the poor, working people, hurt blacks,  the future, increase racial tensions, they persist. They support Jstreet even though it was financed by Iran. The extent of their insanity and suicidal tendencies is that they are blindly defending this catastrophic Iran deal that EVERY ISRAELI leader condemns and they still defend Obama despite how he is destroying the USA and aiding Islamic facistic terrorism everywhere.  If you challenge them you are called a racist, since they have no evidence on their side.  Very sad but true. Thank God 40% of those Jews who voted for Obama see their error. Hillary will be just as radical. Do not make the same error.
  BTW we also have a small # of crazies on the extreme right (ultra ultra orthodox Neturei karta who say Zionism=Naziism, because of their foolish belief that a secular Jewish state delays the messiah, but they are a small issue compared to the throngs on insane leftist suicidal Jews.

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