Sunday, July 26, 2015

God to Cain "your brother's blood cried to you from the ground" Will God say this to the democrats in Congres someday?

Genesis 4 vs 8 ff : Cain killed Abel. God asked him where Abel is. Abel asked "am I my brother's keeper? God said: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Your brother's blood cried to you from the ground."
Sharansky is begging American Jews to help.Huckabee accused Obama of leading the Jews of israel to the doors of the ovens. Democrats are "outraged". they should be outraged at themselves. Huckabee is totally right. DO NOT APOLOGIZE! This catastrophic genocidal Iran deal is going to lead to a Holocaust and nuclear bombs in American cities and Obama, and every Democrat who supports him, are complicit.
Which ones of the Jewish and other democratic members of congress will prove to be kapos, or nazis following orders?
Every nazi's main excuse was "I was just following orders". How is that different than any of these Democrats saying"I am voting for a deal guaranteeing the worst terrorist nation on earth nuclear weapons because I am just following my president." The very sad reality is American Jews and America did nothing to stop Hitler until it was too late for 6 million that time and we are witnessing the same thing again. Churchill BEGGED Roosevelt to supply arms and eneter the war earlier and Roosevelt kept stalling. At least he didn't supply the Nazis, as obama is doing.

Americans failed European Jews during the 1930s and 1940s. canIsraelis and Americans can rely on the Congress. "In the first Holocaust, based on Yad Vashem's historical analysis, the answer is simple: America and American Jews did nothing."  Thank God America finally did enter the war and save the world, sacrificing hundreds of thousands, but way too late to save 6 million Jews.

Why is the Iran deal so horrible? They are laughing at us. Proclaiming USA surrendered. All true. The GOAL of the International Community must be to forever PREVENT Iran from ever obtaining weapons and curbing their terrorism.  But this deal significantly enhances bot.  Iran is the only country in the world that openly states it wants death to other countries and now this deal guarantees them the ability to inflict millions of deaths on those countries, USA and Israel. They WILL use them to reestablish the Persian Empire and for religious reasons, to have the necessary catastrophe to have the hidden 12th Imam emerge.
What about “Death to American, Death to Israel" is not comprehensible? It is the world’s worst terrorist regime, spreading terror on 5 continents. They've toppled four Arab governments. They've provided lethal IEDs in Iraq, killing hundreds of Americans. They plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador in the United States.
They also openly say they are willing to lose many millions of their own people for the glory of destroying Israel and hurting the Great Satan. They bought 50 refueling planes and 50 new fighters and started plans on 2 new nuclear reactors with Obama $ this week.
     See full list of our defeat in every category:
a.     a joke of verification, and Iran has always cheated in the past. So Obama, who can’t monitor our borders, the IRS, VA, capable of monitoring Iran’s secret nuclear sites? 3 months notice before inspections allowed and they can supply their own samples.
b.     $150 billion straight out to finance terror, and hundreds billions more in new business. With the release of $150 billion of frozen funds, Iranian troops and proxies "will have an ability to be everywhere simultaneously."
c.     leaving intact most of their nuclear weapons program,
d.     Obama FOUGHT Congress on tough sanctions constantly and now eliminates them, and will never reimpose them (no snapback) no matter what
f.     a legitimization of their nuclear weapons timetable
g.     Iran says Obama is lying about what the plan demands to appease us. Here are 15 Obama lies about deal refuted:
This deal GUARANTEES Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, Guarantees WAR and massive deaths. We are facing another Holocaust, PLUS hundreds of suitcase sized dirty bombs blowing up American cities by Iranian proxies and ICBMs Obama’s $150 billion will buy them to shoot at us.  French admit we can have a much better deal. Vote this one down.
Why Is Obama pushing this deal?  
Obama's deal makes war much more likely and much better alternatives abound.  It must be defeated. Read more details about the above here

Obvious truths to all that are not blindly loyal to this Obama/Hitler.
1.            Obama does all he can to advance radical Islamic, terrorist jihad.. Most people realize it, they just are afraid to admit it.
3.     This Iran deal aids and abets Iran's quest for nuclear weapons Iran deal worst catastrophic, genocidal deal by USA ever. Strengthens worst nation on earth.
4.     ALL BLOOD RESULTING FROM THIS IRAN DEAL, all the dead Israelis and Americans, will forever be the responsibility of Obama, Kerry and these Democrats.
5.     Iran will absolutely use nuclear weapons vs USA and Israel.
6.     A third grader could have done better than Kerry.Iran is laughing at us.. Much better options exist

Iran has promised to name every medium range rocket with nuks hitting Israel after Obama and every ICBM hitting USA with nuks after every Democrat in Congress who votes for the deal. Ask your rep if he/she wants those bombs named for them? 

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