Thursday, July 16, 2015

The most consequential vote these Senators and Congressman ever have: stop catastrophic Iran deal

Worst diplomatic deal since Chamberlain and Hitler. This genocidal deal with Iran is worse than anyone imagined and endangers USA with nuclear tipped ICBMs and Israel with regular missiles and nuclear tips. It will great accelerate Iran’s 5 continent terrorism program, by Obama, defacto, becoming the world's greatest financier of Islamic terrorism. It legitimizes Iran's nuclear weapons program, cements their role as world leader in terrorism and regional bully. It exacerbates a regional nuclear and conventional arms race and could easily lead to WW3. Stop this catastrophic deal and demand much, much more. Bring Iran to its knees.

Every Israeli leader, the many Sunni nations in the region, millions of Christians and every Jewish organization except the traitorous Jstreet oppose this catastrophic deal. Note 1
ARABS AND CHRISTIANS blast deal note 2
This is NOT a case of 2 Jews, 3 opinions. The Torah says “I put before you life and death, good and evil, blessing and curse. There is Hitlerian evil here and MUST be fought with every ounce of our strength. Be strong and resolute.
This a extremely dangerous deal that increases the chance for war, even WW3, worldwide terrorism, real threats of nuclear bombs in the USA, destruction of Israel, massive new arms race in the region and much more. Congress MUST understand this. This deal pours gasoline on a wildfire, spreading ruin throughout world.
35 fatal, catastrophic flaws of the deal
Major points of its catastrophic flaws:
1. As Iran chants Death to USA and Israel, Obama, laughing off the demand that Iran renounce terror and its daily threats to destroy Israel and USA, gives them $150 billion to accelerate their world’s worst terrorism already on 5 continents, especially surrounding Israel. Obama thereby becomes biggest financier of Islamic terrorism in the world. They are WORST nation on earth. Even as we negotiate, our own State Dept says Iran global terror undiminished.
2. Deal eliminates any limits on buying or selling conventional weapons including ICMBs designed to hit USA
3. Deal gives them clear path to nuclear weapons with Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact; key aspects of the deal “sunset” after as little as 10 years;
4. Iran always has cheated and verification is not possible with this deal. 24 DAYS notice before inspections!!!
5. Deal will lead to a regional nuclear arms race. And makes war much more likely
6. Much better ways have been articulated, despite Obama’s lies that they have not.
7. See 36 fatal flaws of the Iran deal exposed in this video
8. Israeli Ambassador Dermer responded to critical voices such as British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Obama, who suggested this week Israel does not want any deal with Iran and prefers war. Writes Dermer: "Israel has the most to gain if the Iranian nuclear issue is peacefully resolved. But this deal does not resolve the issue. It makes things much worse, increasing the chances of conventional war with Iran and its terror proxies today and dramatically increasing the chances of a nuclear-armed Iran and a nuclearized Middle East tomorrow." Obama has been planning this since 2008 when he sent secret envoy to Mullahs to tell them they’d like his presidency.
9. Tyrannical Obama AFRAID to submit to congress so plans end run around them to anti-Israel UN. TYRANT.

Lobby your Senator and House member.
all you need to do is find your state on the US map and click
more inf on lobbying them: Campaign to block this deal
     The vote on this Iran deal may well be the most consequential vote these Senators and Congressman ever have. It could mean the difference of Iranian ICBMs with nuclear tips hitting NY, dirty bombs in 20 cities, 7 million dead Israelis, worldwide Iranian terror proxies on 5 continents now, with $150 billion more to finance terror, countless dead US servicemen etc. Anyone who supports Obama’s Iran deal should never get one vote from a patriot, nor one dime. They will be forever shamed and this will be their legacy. Share that message with your representatives.


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